Microsoft Making Mobile Controller Based on Xbox

Microsoft Making Mobile Controller Based on Xbox

Based on the report from Windows Central, Microsoft is working on Xbox controllers for smartphones and tablets. This comes from the Project xCloud which aims to stream console-quality gameplay to mobile devices. With mobile controllers, Microsoft will replace touch controls which have proven to be a bit problematic.

The surfaced research papers state that not every game is suitable for touch controls, while the mobile gaming industry is on the rise. With Nintendo Switch’s success, it is apparent that users need something more sophisticated to play mobile games. After all, if you offer console gaming quality for mobile devices it would be only fitting to do as much as you can to really boost that experience to the max.

Microsoft recognized the need to equipped certain games with mobile controllers and forgo touch controls even despite Adapt Control system and other similar ones that serve to adapt to the “drift”. In their statement, Microsoft stated that Sony’s PlayStation Portable and Nintendo Switch serve as a testament of importance to use physical controls for mobile gaming. And while there are cheaper products on the market, like the GameCase and the ION iCade mobile, they are far from perfect and even prove to be inflexible.

But this is not something Microsoft started working on recently. Based on the report, the company started developing mobile controllers in 2014. They even had prototypes made of foam and 3D prints based on conceptual designs. However, the success of Nintendo Switch inspired Microsoft to continue developments in this direction.

Microsoft Making Gaming Controller

However, Microsoft didn’t say anything about their progress with the controller, but since they are really into the Project xCloud it is certainly on the way. If the company wants to maintain and boost Xbox position on the market with so many new gaming options, they have to adapt to the trends. And the newest one shows increased interest in mobile gaming and titles which people can easily play on their way to work, while lying down and anywhere else, really.

After all, who would want to play console-quality game on their tablets just to experience botched gameplay due to the annoying and dysfunctional touch controls?