Microsoft Plans to Bring the Xbox Game Pass to All Devices

There has been a lot of talk about Microsoft plan to bring the Xbox game pass to Nintendo Switch. It sounds like a great step towards unification of all game consoles into one, but it seems Microsoft doesn’t intend to stop there. This is proven by a recent interview of Phil Spencer, in which he said that Microsoft wants to bring the Game Pass to every possible device.

Xbox Game Pass

In the interview which was taken by Geekwire portal, Spencer talked about the big plans Microsoft has for Xbox Game Pass. The essence of that plan is to bring this service to every console in the market, including their biggest rival PlayStation 4. Spencer said they want to bring a Game Pass to any device people want to play it on. The reasons are not business type only, but also because the business model allows for people to find and play games that they wouldn’t be able to play in any other space.


Recently a poll suggested that approximately a quarter of gamers would buy a switch just to play games featured in the Game Pass. Despite that, there are some critics that suggest Microsoft plan will impact negatively Xbox One hardware sales. Although there is a point in that, it is still not a cause for concern because the majority of the income comes from the software sales instead of hardware. Phil Spencer addressed those critics stating that hardware sell is not where you make money and that real business inside of gaming industry is selling games. He added that selling access to games and content is a fundamental of business, so if you open the business app the more people can play and enjoy the games, thus increasing the size of the business.

It is quite obvious that expanding the market for Xbox Game Pass would make a remarkable profit to Microsoft. Releasing the popular service on other consoles, PC, and even mobile unlocks a whole new tier of untapped potential which will attribute a lot to the success of Microsoft if done right.