New Microsoft Controller

Microsoft’s new patent is highly reminiscent of Switch

Microsoft’s Controller Patent, the new hot gadget on the block, was filed in July. Dubbed the “Xbox Cloud” or “Project xCloud”, this new gaming handheld platform got the community excited. The only thing is that the way it is designed looks a lot like Nintendo Switch. It’s the “removable input modules” or the respective detachable Joy-Con that gave the ‘switch’ to Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft recently unveiled their upcoming project, in a form of a new patent. Its controller setup uses quite similar detaching system like Switch’s Joy-Con. Its design does take much from Switch, particularly the “removable input models” method, which does seem to feature two removable controllers that can be charged, according to reports. The sketches below show the design and functionality of the upcoming Microsoft’s patent.

According to online analysis, these two controllers are related to the charger in the middle, while they also bolt onto a horizontally held Smartphone device, making it look like Switch i.e. portable gaming system. However, this system is nothing new. The bolt-on controller interfaces for Smartphone are available for years now, for both Android and iOS devices. It is speculated that this particular patent is to be paired with Project xCloud, which is Microsoft’s streaming service for gamers.

Microsoft’s patent controllers also seem to be packing a speaker system and support wireless and wired audio both. Sarang Sheth, the designer of this patent, said this about his work:

“Designed for immersive landscape gaming, the controllers come with two flippers that hold your phone gently but securely from the sides, while memory-foam pads make sure they don’t press any buttons. These side flippers are ideal for phones with no bezel, because this makes sure the controllers don’t overlap the screen from the left or right. Both halves of the controllers connect to your phone via Wi-Fi to deliver a seamless gaming experience that’s absolutely lag-free.” – Sarang Sheth.

This controller patent, however, seems to not be a direct competitor of Nintendo Switch, as Switch has its own ‘body’ while these Microsoft controllers clamp on whichever Smartphone device you have, which makes all the difference in the world. It does echo the removable, bolt-on system, but Project xCloud is aimed at accommodating a different audience. For instance, the upcoming device will allow a player to sync and play the same game on his PC or console and take it with him on the road to play on his or her Smartphone, or vice versa.