Might and Magic Chess Royale

Might and Magic: Chess Royale coming to mobile and PC this month!

Might and Magic: Chess Royale is exactly what the name suggests – auto chess meets battle royale. It is the victory sound of Ubisoft and the all-time champion game series M&M, which has conquered the PC long time ago, in the ‘90s even, and has recently also made a successful transition to mobile with M&M: Era of Chaos mobile game. But, that was a gacha, for people who are into that sort of thing, while now they deliver something quite unexpected – 100-player battle royale auto chess and it is crazy!

In all modesty, Ubisoft is rightfully calling this one “the first massive real-time 100-player auto-battler, and Might and Magic: Chess Royale mobile game is exactly that. We fight in a pool of 100 players, in a free for all environment, similarly how auto chess style games do a 10-player pool. The gameplay itself is done in the auto-battler (auto chess) fashion, in a real-time strategy familiar environment. Meaning, it’s a battlefield where your units combat on their own. You handle the strategy and need to be the last one standing out of 100 players at the beginning.

Might and Magic: Chess Royale release date: 30. January 2020!

However, to add fuel to the fire, Ubisoft has made sure the complete battle royale match lasts around 10 minutes or less. So, in that 10-minute window, 99 players will bite the dust and only one will emerge as the champion. Now, this is not just a frantic crazy powerhouse auto-battler, as strategy is key to victory. Preparing your units, knowing how they work, positioning them properly, and much more needs to be taken as a precaution to increase your chances of victory. Also, in-between the individual combats, you purchase, sell, or upgrade your units and team, which is a familiar thing in auto-chess.

Might and Magic Chess Royale

The showcase features of Might and Magic: Chess Royale are:

  • Battle against 99 other players in online multiplayer strategy battle royale environment
  • Recruit, sell, and upgrade your army with the Might & Magic classic franchise units
  • Rapid fire matches where the winner emerges in an approximate 10-minute window

Yes! The best part about it is that this is a Might and Magic game, so the universe and its splendor are here. This includes the iconic units, armies, elementals, dragons, undead, demons, and such are all coming back with iconic heroes and some new ones. Even better, the units are all overhauled and come with never-before seen visual style, modeling, and rich textures.

Might and Magic Chess Royale

Judging at first glance, this might be the boldest, most ambitious project in the M&M franchise so far. Ubisoft has certainly aimed high by combining two of the currently most popular game models, battle royale and auto chess. And, they announced the game so close to the launch. Might and Magic: Chess Royale release date is set for January 30, 2020, and it comes out for PS, iOS, and Android, so get ready!