[Updated to version 1.3.0]

Welcome to the Might&Magic Chess Royal page. Here you will find everything you should know about units and synergies in this great game. All units and synergies are divided by Tiers, Classes, and Factions. Use filters to select the desired category. This page will be updated with every new feature and after the introduction of any new unit or synergy.


In Might&Magic Chess Royal units can be recruited for gold and placed on the table to fight against enemy units. Every unit starts with 1 star and can be upgraded to 2 stars and after that to 3 stars. For the 2-star unit, you will have to recruit 3 identical units and you will receive a new unit with significantly higher stats. For a 3-star unit, you will need 3 2-star identical units (total of 9 1-star units). Units can be divided by Class and Faction. Unit classes are Spirit, Warrior, Guardian, Mage, Assassin, and Dragon. Unit Factions are Fortress, Haven, Necropolis, Stronghold, Sylvans, and Dungeon. On this page, you will find a full description of every unit along with suggestions about possible synergies with other units.


In Might&Magic Chess Royal synergies provide certain powerful buffs if you combine enough units from the same class or faction. There are Faction Synergies and Class Synergies. For Faction Synergies, you will need 3 – 4 units from the same Faction. Class Synergies are different and it can be partial or full. Partial Class Synergies require 2 units from the same class while full Class Synergies require 4 units from the same class. Partial synergies are at least 2 times weaker than full synergies. There is also a Dragon Synergy but for this synergy, you will need only one unit from the Dragon class, because if there are more Dragon units synergy will not work. We fully described every synergy available in the game currently and we added suggestions about synergies that can be obtained while you collecting selected synergy.

▶ Fortress Synergy

Fortress Synergy requires 6 units from Fortress faction wile partial synergy requires only 3 units from Fortress faction. Full Fortress Synergy grants a 35% chance of stunning enemies for 1.5 seconds with every strike while partial Fortress Synergy grants a 20% chance of stunning with every attack. Fortress units are Battle Dwarf, Rune Priest, Valkyrie, Lava Elemental, Fire Giant, and Red Dragon. Fortress buff is very powerful and can be decisive for the battle outcome because stun cannot be resisted. The difference between partial and full buff is not that big but it is still considerable. With full buff, every third strike will stun opponents while with partial only every fifth strike will be effective. Assembling a partial should not be a problem because you have several options – you could recruit Battle Dwarf, Lava Elemental and Valkyrie while you chasing Guardian/Warrior synergy or you could recruit Rune Priest, Fire Giant and Red Dragon for Mage/Colossus synergy. If you choose to assemble a full Fortress buff you will have only two viable options available – to assemble Warrior synergy or to assemble Mage synergy along with Fortress synergy. It is questionable which option is better because with Warrior Synergy you will get much-needed DPS which especially needed by Fortress units while with Mage Synergy you will get healing which also needed by all Fortress units. It is highly unlikely that the course of battle will allow you to go after full Fortress synergy but if you somehow succeed in completing it, chances of winning in the end drastically increase.

► Haven Synergy ◄

Haven Synergy requires 4 units from Haven faction while partial Haven synergy requires only 2 Haven units. Full Haven synergy grants that all Haven units survive 4 more seconds after taking lethal damage. Partial Haven synergy grants that all Haven units survive only 1more second after they are mortally wounded. This buff is very powerful if it is full but it requires all existing Haven units – Justicar, Swordmaster, Zealot, and Archangel. Obviously, recruiting all 4 Haven units may be a problem since they are all different classes making it impossible to focus on certain synergy while building full Haven buff. However, if you want to get benefit from Haven buff you should definitely go after a full buff because partial buff is literally useless. Recruiting all 4 members of Haven faction opens two possible options for building other synergies as well. The first option is to combine Warrior synergy and Assassin synergy for maximum potential damage output. This option can do miracles sometimes but at the same time your army will be very squishy and most likely you will not be able to recruit a Dragon. The other option is to combine Mage synergy and Guardian synergy. If you chose this option, you will have a high amount of sustain and healing and you will be able to recruit a Dragon but your damage will be mediocre. Since all Haven units perform really good on the battlefield there is a big chance that you will be forced to chase Haven synergy but that will lead to a disaster if you fail to recruit units needed for other synergies which are complementary with Haven synergy.

Necropolis Synergy

Necropolis Synergy requires 3 units from the Necropolis faction. Completed Necropolis synergy grants that all Necropolis units spawn 2 stars Ghost upon death. Necropolis units are Ghost, Vampire, Lich, and Bone Dragon. This synergy may not seem powerful but it can be decisive in close battles when adversaries have similar strengths. Since Ghost unit should be avoided at the start of combat you will need Vampire, Lich and Bone Dragon for completing Necropolis synergy. Those 3 units open various other combinations. Vampire is part of Assassin synergy while Lich grants Mage synergy when combined with Zealot, Dryad or Rune Priest. If you go after Assassin buff while chasing Necropolis synergy you will be able also to collect a Haven synergy as well which could grant you place in the top 5. Necropolis synergy becomes available late in the game but it is worth your time and resources. Necropolis synergy is practically good with any other synergy but synergies like Assassin, Mage, and Haven are more easily collected if you are focused on Necropolis synergy from the start.

Stronghold Synergy

Stronghold Synergy requires 4 units from the Stronghold faction while partial Stronghold Synergy requires only 2 units. Full Stronghold Synergy grants 150% damage to the random Stronghold unit when the Stronghold unit dies. Partial Stronghold Synergy grants 75% damage to the surviving Stronghold unit when other Stronghold units die. Stronghold units are Gnoll, Orc, Cyclops, and Behemoth. This synergy can be extremely powerful since all Stronghold units have amazing damage output so it could make that some units like Orc or Behemoth literally one-shot enemies. Acquiring Stronghold buff is an easy job since all Stronghold units are very useful in the early game when you can recruit them. Since Cyclops and Behemoth already make a partial Colossus buff it is up to you if you will go after Warrior Synergy (Orc) while collecting Stronghold synergy. If you choose to go that way there will be a dilemma whether to assemble Human Synergy or Fortress Synergy. Human Synergy will grant you sustain and healing while Fortress will allow you to recruit Fire Giant and Red Dragon. In both ways, Stronghold Synergy will grant you much needed damage output that Human and Fortress units lack. All in all, Stronghold Synergy is META at the moment.

Sylvan Synergy

Sylvan Synergy requires 6 units from the Sylvan faction while partial Sylvan Synergy requires only 3 units of that origin. Full Sylvan Synergy grants a 25% chance to all Sylvan units to retaliate when they are attacked causing 150 DMG. Partial Sylvan Synergy grants a 15% chance to every Sylvan unit to cause the same effect. Sylvan Synergy can definitely play a decisive role in the battle outcome if it is fully completed because it grants 150 DMG after every fourth received attack which increases total damage output drastically. Partial Sylvan Synergy is not that strong and it grants additional damage only after 6 received attacks which can be useless because half of Sylvan units will be dead after 6 attacks. This practically means that if you want to benefit from Sylvan buff you will have to recruit all 6 Sylvan units. Sylvan units are Druid, Dryad, Treant, Ranger, Moon Doe, and Green Dragon. Dryad and Moon Doe build partial Spirit buff but all other Sylvan units are from different class meaning that you will have only two viable options for building usable teams. The first option is to build Mage synergy with Dryad, Zealot and Rune Priest or Lich. This option provides additional healing and damage output but leaves you with only Treant and Moon Doe as frontal protection. The second option is to build full Colossus Synergy with Sylvan Synergy or to build full Spirit Synergy combined with partial Colossus synergy. The problem with the second option is that you will be forced to recruit 9 units in both possible ways and that you will probably lack damage. Having full Sylvan Synergy could be amazing but for building the whole team you will need to have luck in recruiting. That is the reason why building Sylvan Synergy should not be your main strategy in Chess Royale.

Dungeon Synergy

Dungeon Synergy requires 3 units from Dungeon faction. With Dungeon Synergy duplicate of 1 random ally unit is summoned at the start of the battle. This synergy is extremely powerful but the problem with this synergy is the strength of Dungeon units. Dungeon units are Troglodyte, Harpy, Hydra, and Stalker. Troglodyte is Spirit unit and unfortunately collecting partial Spirit buff usually does not involve recruiting Troglodyte. Hydra is the weakest of all Dragons and doesn’t have an attacking skill, while Stalker is weakest of all Epic units and she is often avoided even she is needed for completing powerful Assassin buff. After the rework, the Attack Range of Stalker is increased and she is not exposed as before. If you choose to go after Dungeon despite the fact that Dungeon units are bad you should also try to collect full Assassin synergy and probably partial Spirit synergy. Dungeon synergy is complementary with all other synergies and it can be assembled considerably fast if you have the luck to recruit Stalker early in the game. Having another unit free of charge is always good but it is hard to complete Dungeon synergy and to expect that Dungeon units will carry you long enough to recruit units that will actually grant you victory.

Spirit Synergy

Spirit Synergy requires 4 units from Spirit class, while partial Spirit synergy requires only 2 of those units. Full Spirit Synergy reduces the armor of all enemies by 5 while partial Spirit Synergy reduces it by 3. Spirit units are Ghost, Troglodyte, Dryad and Moon Doe. After the rework Spirit Synergy becomes usable because Dryad and Moon Doe are both Sylvans and they are both very good units. Spirit Synergy lowers the Armor of all opponents, therefore, it is complementary with all other synergies but nevertheless, it is highly unlikely that you will go after full Spirit Synergy buff. In short, partial Spirit Synergy will always be built with Dryad and Moon Doe and only if you want to assemble a Dungeon buff you will be forced to recruit Troglodyte. Ghost as the unit is out of a question and it is not even needed for Necropolis buff. If you want to build full Spirit Synergy despite all those facts, you will have only one viable option of building a full team – you will have to build full Sylvan Synergy as well. All in all, Spirit Synergy is no longer the synergy you want to avoid but it also cannot be compared with other more usable synergies.

Warrior Synergy

Warrior Synergy requires 2 units from the Warrior class. Full Warrior buff increases the damage of all allies by 25. Warrior units are Orc, Valkyrie, and Archangel. Warrior Synergy is a synergy that will be used by everyone for multiple reasons – it is easy to build, all Warrior units are good units, and most importantly this synergy has the greatest effect on the rest of the team compared to any other synergy. Warrior synergy can be combined with any other synergy depending on your recruit options. However, it is best to plan in front, therefore, you should decide whether to combine it with Stronghold buff, Human buff or Fortress buff. Combining Warrior Synergy with Stronghold Synergy is probably the best option since you will be able to assemble a Colossus Synergy in the process but the other two options are also viable. Fortress Synergy will grant you crowd control and the help of the mightiest dragon, Red Dragon, while Human Synergy will grant you sustain and healing. In all three ways, you will have the team good enough to put you in the Top 5. Since you will need only 2 units for building Warrior synergy options are basically limitless and you will not be forced to build Synergies mentioned earlier if you don’t want to. Warrior Synergy is definitely a META in the current version of the game.

Guardian Synergy

Guardian Synergy requires 2 units from the Guardian class. Full Guardian synergy grants 10 armor to all Guardian units. Guardian units are Battle Dwarf, Swordmaster, and Lava Elemental. Like Warrior Synergy Guardian Synergy also needs only 2 units but unlike Warrior Synergy, Guardian Synergy hasn’t a lot of viable options for building a full team. Since Battle Dwarf and Lava Elemental are both from Fortress faction you will combine Guardian Synergy most likely with Fortress Synergy. That will allow you to go after Warrior Synergy and partial Colossus Synergy or after Mage synergy. The first option gives you more damage while the second option grants you healing. Building Guardian Synergy with Swordmaster is unlikely but it is possible if you are after Human and Warrior synergy. Guardian Synergy can be useful if you want to enhance the strength of your front-liners but I doubt that anyone will start the game with the idea to prioritize the assembling of Guardian buff.

Mage Synergy

Mage Synergy requires 3 units from Mage class. Having 3 Mages in your team will decrease the magic resistance of all enemies by 15%. Magic Resistance may not seem very important but it actually is important because all units’ skills are considered as magic damage. Mage units are Druid, Rune Priest, Zealot, and Lich. All those units are usable and there are many options for completing Mage buff but the problem is that all mages are from different factions and those factions are not complementary together. However, if you go after Mage buff, you can combine Rune Priest and Zealot for Fortress/Haven combo, Druid and Lich for Sylvans/Necropolis combo and Zealot and Lich for Haven/Necropolis/Assassin combo. As you can see Zealot combined with Lich gives you the best opportunities and those 2 Mage units are ideal for any team regardless of synergy. Mage Synergy is not strong as some other synergies but you will probably have it in your winning team.

Assassin Synergy

Assassin Synergy requires 3 units from Assassin class. Having 3 Assassins in your team grants a 15% chance for a critical strike equal to 300% of the original damage. Assassin units are Justicar, Harpy, and Vampire. It is obvious that while you chasing Assassin Synergy you can also go after Haven Synergy, Dungeon or Necropolis Synergy or two of those synergies together. After the rework Assassin synergy is not as important as before and it will be assembled only if the course of battle allows it. A 15% chance of scoring critical means that only after every sixth attack you will be guaranteed a critical strike and frankly that is almost useless because almost any enemy will be dead after six strikes. Fortunately, Haven, Necropolis and Dungeon Synergy are all usable therefore you may be in a position to assemble Assassin Synergy as well. All in all, Assassin Synergy should only be built as a result of circumstances.

Dragon Synergy

Dragon Synergy requires 1 unit from the Dragon class. This synergy grants 40 additional Mana to all nearby allies but it works only if there is only 1 Dragon on the table. Dragon units are Hydra, Green Dragon, Bone Dragon, and Red Dragon. Hydra is the weakest Dragon but she is needed for Dungeon buff. Green Dragon is very powerful and he is needed for Sylvans Synergy but this buff does not open the options for many additional synergies. Bone Dragon is a Legendary unit that is needed for useful Necropolis Synergy and who can silence all enemies for 6 seconds decisively affecting the outcome of the battle. Red Dragon is the mightiest Dragon who is an ideal addition to any team and he can be used for completing Fortress Synergy. Every Dragon makes a difference on the table so it is of utmost importance that you recruit one. Depending on the occasion and your army some options are better than others so it is important to be patient while you waiting for Dragon of your choice. Having 2 Dragons in the army is not necessarily a bad thing but it prevents you from having additional mana for your units.

HUNTER Synergy

Hunter Synergy requires 1 unit from the Hunter Class. Every Hunter gains +20% ATK Speed as long as no enemy is next to them. Hunter units are Gnoll, Ranger, and Stalker. As long as you have one Hunter in your team their damage-output will be considerably increased while they are protected from enemies. After the rework Assassins are not as good as before therefore Hunters are even more important than it seems initially. Having Hunter is always a good thing especially since Stronghold (Gnoll), Sylvan (Ranger) and Dungeon (Stalker) Synergies are usable and viable for playing.

► COLOSSUS Synergy

Colossus Synergy requires 4 Colossus units while partial Colossus Synergy requires only 2 of those units. Full Colossus Synergy enhances the Health amount of every Colossus unit by 700. Partial Colossus Synergy grants 300 more Health to every Colossus unit. Building Stronghold buff will automatically grant you partial Colossus synergy for Cyclops and Behemoth. This option is most likely when we talk about Colossus buff, however, it can be built with other units as well. Treant and random Colossus unit will be needed for enhancing full Sylvan Synergy while Fire Giant can be combined with any other Colossus in building a team around Fortress Synergy. Colossus Synergy is very similar to Guardian synergy – it only affects Colossus units and it improves the strength of your frontal units. This synergy is useful but you can fight without it. Building your strategy around Colossus Synergy only has a sense if you are after Stronghold buff from the start, otherwise, it depends on circumstances.

◣ MMCR units ◥

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Ghost is a common Spirit Unit from the Necropolis Faction. Ghost is a Support unit whose main skill is to summon a haunting Replica that causes medium damage and silences the target as it passes through it. Ghost is very squishy and its damage output is below average. It has a physical ranged attack that hits enemies who are up to 3 cells away. Ghost is definitely a unit you want to avoid unless you are after Spirit or Necropolis synergy.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Troglodyte is a common Spirit Unit from the Dungeon Faction. This Support unit can fire a magic projectile that causes massive damage and silences a single target. It has a physical ranged attack that can hit single targets up to 3 cells away. Troglodyte is even squishier than Ghost but it has somewhat greater damage output and its main skill is definitely more powerful. Like Ghost, troglodyte should be avoided unless you are after Spirit or Dungeon synergy. Keep in mind that Dungeon synergy could be decisive since it provides you with an ability to gain duplicate of random ally units at the start of combat.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Dryad is an uncommon Spirit unit from the Sylvans Faction. Dryad is a healer who can summon healing Fireflies to heal nearby allies for a decent amount every second for 8 seconds. Dryad has a physical ranged attack that can hit targets up to 3 cells away. Its damage output is mediocre but good enough for a Healer unit. Dryad has increased armor and health and it has nice survivability for a ranged unit. In a matter of fact, Dryad should stay close to melee units in order to successfully heal them. Dryad is always a safe choice at the beginning especially if you are after partial Spirit synergy with Moon Doe. Going after full Sylvan synergy can also pay off in the end but it is more likely that you will focus only on partial Sylvan buff with Treant.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Lava Elemental

Lava Elemental is a rare Guardian unit from the Fortress Faction. This Tank can become Pure Magma that causes minimal continuous damage to all nearby enemies and drastically increases Lava Elemental’s armor but cannot attack or move. Lava Elemental has an average melee single-target attack and a medium amount of Health. Its Armor is considerably higher compared to other rare units but attack speed is lower. Lava Elemental can be useful in early stages combined with Battle Dwarf for a Guardian buff or can be a part of Fortress combo earning a chance to stun enemies with each strike. After the rework, Lava Elemental is not the last choice anymore and it can be used with success in various team combinations.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Gnoll is a common Hunter unit from the Stronghold Faction. Gnoll is a ranged damage dealer who can throw poisoned blades at 1 random target causing minor initial damage and heavy damage over 5 seconds. Gnoll has ranged attack and he is able to hit enemies 4 cells away causing significantly greater damage than any other common unit. This comes at the cost of his survivability because even Gnoll has a decent amount of Health he is almost without armor. Gnoll is always a safe choice at a beginning especially if he can be combined with other Stronghold units like Orc or Cyclops who can protect him. Stronghold buff is nice but you will need 3 more Stronghold units besides Gnoll including Behemoth.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Orc is an uncommon Warrior unit from the Stronghold faction. This Melee damage dealer can go into Berserk state for 3 seconds increasing his Attack Speed greatly. Orc can attack only targets next to him but his damage output is the greatest in the game. He is kinda squishy compared to other uncommon units although his health amount is decent. You should definitely avoid putting him in front all alone because he will die fast. Orc is a part of powerful Warrior Synergy and very useful Stronghold synergy. If you are lucky enough to recruit him on the beginning along with Gnoll you will be granted some early victories and you will be able to go after a full Stronghold buff with 2 Colossuses – Cyclops and Behemoth. Orc will need healing so it is wise to combine him with Dryad or Zealot as soon as possible.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Valkyrie is an uncommon Warrior unit from the Fortress Faction. Valkyrie is a melee damage dealer who can fly up to the sky and then dive on towards a random enemy causing moderate damage and stunning it for 1.5 seconds. Even she is a melee-based unit, Valkyrie can hit targets 2 cells away because of the reach of her spear. She has a nice damage output and medium armor protection but she is squishy nevertheless since her HP is mediocre. Valkyrie needs other Warrior units (Orc, Archangel) for a Warrior buff which is probably the most powerful synergy in the game. Fortress buff provides you with a slight chance of stunning with each strike and Valkyrie can be successfully combined with Battle Dwarf and Lava Elemental for partial Fortress buff and Guardian buff.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Fire Giant

Fire Giant is an epic Colossus unit from the Fortress faction. Fire Giant is a Tank that can smash single targets causing enormous damage and stunning them for 4 seconds. He can only attack targets next to him and his damage output is very high but his Attack Speed is slow. Fire Giant’s Health Bar is overwhelming and he is also incredibly armored which indicates that he can survive even strongest combos. Colossus buff can increase his Health Pool even more but he will need another Colossus unit. He is from Fortress faction, therefore, he could be a part of Fortress/Warrior/Colossus combo. Fortress buff is not hard to obtain but Fire Giant should be combined only with Valkyrie and Red Dragon for that buff. Combining him with Guardian fortress units is not smart because, with Colossus/Guardian combo, your team will lack damage.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Battle Dwarf

Battle Dwarf is a common Guardian unit from the Fortress faction. This tank can taunt nearby enemies into attacking him for a brief period during which he has significantly increased armor. Battle Dwarf is a melee unit who can only attack targets next to him causing the lowest damage in the game. On the other hand, Battle Dwarf is very sturdy with a massive Health amount considering that he is a common unit and armor suitable for units of higher tiers. As a Fortress unit, Battle Dwarf can be combined with another Fortress Guardian, Lava Elemental, or with Swordmaster who is Haven Guardian. Early in the game, he could also be combined with Rune Priest and Valkyrie for Fortress buff although this combination is not powerful as some other combination at the start of the fight.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Swordmaster is an uncommon Guardian unit from the Haven faction. Swordmaster is a Tank that can increase damage done by all nearby allies significantly. As a melee unit, Swordmaster can hit only targets next to him causing minimum damage. He is very tough and can sustain a tone of damage because of his good armor and increased Health. However, his main role is to stay alive while providing nearby damage dealers decisive damage bonus allowing his team to prevail in close fights. After the rework Swordmaster lost synergy with Archangel but he is still needed for full Haven buff. It is unlikely that he will be chosen as the member of Guardian Synergy since the other 2 Guardians are from the same Faction but the fact that Swordmaster is a much better unit than Battle Dwarf or Lava Elemental remains.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Treant is an uncommon Colossus unit from the Sylvan faction. Treant is a Tank who can grow roots from the ground causing decent damage and stunning everyone caught in it for a brief period. This tank is obviously a melee unit that can only hit targets next to him. His damage output is moderate with relatively fast Attack Speed. Treant does not have very good armor protection and his Health Bar is lower compared to similar Colossus units like Cyclops. As a Sylvan unit, Treant requires all other Sylvan units for a full Sylvan buff. This practically means that you would have to recruit Druid, Dryad, Ranger, Moon Doe and Green Dragon along Treant for a faction buff which could be a very hard task since only Dryad and Moon Doe has synergy between themselves. Full Sylvan Synergy can only be combined with Stronghold Synergy if you want to have another faction buff or with Mages for an additional class buff. All in all, Treant is not that bad, but with him in your team, you will be able to go after only one combination of units strong enough to put you in the top 10.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Cyclops is a rare Colossus unit from the Stronghold faction. Cyclops is a tank that can bring destruction with his two-handed sword causing overwhelming damage against the single target. Although his sword is gigantic he can only attack targets next to him. With average Attack Speed Cyclops has a very good damage output considering that he is a protective unit. Also, all his defensive statistics are good and allows him to withstand almost everything on the opposite side. Cyclops has no means of controlling enemy units and making them focus on him but he is one hell of a unit, nevertheless. For reaching his full potential it is best that he is combined with another 3 Stronghold unit for a powerful Stronghold buff and Colossus buff. Also, it is possible to try to synergize with Haven Guardians reaching for Haven/Stronghold/Warrior/Colossus combo.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Ranger is a rare Hunter unit from the Sylvans faction. Ranger is a ranged damage dealer who can charge his bow to unleash a powerful shot that strikes every foe in the line causing devastating damage. His damage output is the highest in the game after the rework, but his armor is somewhat lesser compared to other rare units. His Health Pool is decent and he is more than capable to withstand initial Assassin’s attacks. As a Hunter, he has increased Attack Speed if there are no enemies next to him which allow him to deliver even greater damage. Since he is a Sylvan unit it is obvious that he should be combined with other Sylvan units for Sylvan buff but he can also be used as a single Hunter in any other team combination. If you choose to recruit Ranger, be sure to provide him the best possible protection because as long as he can do his work you will be closer to victory.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Archangel is a legendary Warrior unit from the Haven faction. Archangel is a Holy Tank who can summon 10 divine blades to attack enemies across the battlefield. Each of these blades causes medium damage to the single target and it is possible that several blades strike the same target. Archangel can fly but he cannot strike anyone who is not next to him. As a legendary Tank, Archangel has the highest defensive stats in the game. His armor is impenetrable and his Health pool is greater than any other unit including legendary Dragons. He hits very hard but his Attack Speed is not very great therefore his damage per second is moderate. Nevertheless, after the summon of Divine Blades he brings havoc to anyone on the opposite side. If you are after Archangel it is of utmost importance that you recruit Orc and Valkyrie as well because Warrior buff is essential for winning battles. If you want, you can also go after partial Haven buff with Justicar or Zealot in order to assemble Assassin or Mage synergy, but if you want to combine Warrior buff with full Haven buff be sure to recruit a Swordmaster as well.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Behemoth is a Legendary Colossus unit from the Stronghold faction. This melee damage dealer uses his claws to inflict bleeding damage against his enemies causing devastating damage over 10 seconds. His every strike delivers an enormous amount of damage and his Attack Speed is decent allowing him to deliver the highest damage output in the game along with Ranger after the rework. All this comes at the cost of his defense which is somewhat lower compared to other Legendary units. His armor is especially low. As a Stronghold unit, he should be combined with Gnoll. Orc and Cyclops for Stronghold buff and partial Colossus buff. Also, it is possible that his damage is increased furthermore if Warrior buff can be assembled as well which is possible since Orc is also a Warrior. Having full Stronghold and Warrior buff will need only 6 units allowing you to decide whether to add them Mages or Assassins.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Druid is a common Mage unit from the Sylvans faction. Druid is a ranged damage dealer who can transform into a bear for a brief period causing massive damage with its bite. While he is in human form, Druid has ranged attack that allows him to target enemies 3 cells away but when he transforms he must approach the target and be next to it before attacking. Druid has a very good damage output considering that he is a common unit, second only to Gnoll but he is almost without any armor and his Health Pool is not even moderate. The fact that he must come near the enemy when he transforms, squishy as he is, makes him not very desirable at the start of the battle. However, if you are after Sylvan synergy you must recruit him and combine him with Rune Priest and Zealot for Mage synergy. Bringing Dryad and Treant into the equation makes things easier but it is very risky since you can’t predict if you will survive enough to recruit Green Dragon and Moon Doe and complete the synergy while there are much stronger combinations for the beginning of the battle.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Rune Priest

Rune Priest is a common Mage unit from the Fortress faction. Rune Priest is a Support unit that can draw glyphs on the ground that cause minimum damage and stun enemies every second for a brief period of time. This skill is very effective especially in the early stages and often decides the course of the battle in the early stages. Rune Priest is a melee unit so he must stand next to his enemies before attacking. His damage output is moderate for a common unit but he has decent armor and enough Health to survive enough to exploit benefits of his glyphs. Rune Priest is always a safe choice at the start of combat. You can combine him various Fortress units for a Fortress buff and he is complementary with any other mage allowing you to have very useful Mage buff. Collecting Fortress buff with Rune Priest allows you also to go after Mage/Warrior /Guardian combination which can be devastating if you are patient enough.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Zealot is a rare Mage unit from the Haven faction. He is a Healer who can restore a huge amount of health to injured allies while causing moderate damage against all enemies at the same time. Zealot is ranged unit with extended range that allows him to strike opponents 4 cells away. For an epic unit, Zealot has moderate stats. His damage output is ok and he has enough Health and Armor to survive against enemy Assassins long enough to cast his powerful skill. Zealot is one of the rare units that is needed in almost every team. His healing is decisive for the battle outcome, he is a Haven unit meaning that he is a part of powerful Warrior/Assassin/Haven combo and he builds Mage buff with other 2 Mage units. All in all, Zealot is one of the most important units in the game currently.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Lich is an epic Mage unit from the Necropolis faction. Lich is Summoner who can summon 5 ghostly minions which can completely change the balance of the battle. Lich’s summoning ability is very powerful in many ways. It boosts your damage output while summons draws out the attention of enemy units from members of your team. Lich is also a ranged damage dealer who can attack enemies 4 cells away causing massive damage with each hit. Its Attack Speed is not very fast but Lich strikes so hard that it can kill some common units with just a few hits. Lich can endure long enough with its defensive stats but truth to be told those stats are not higher than Zealot’s stats even Zealot is only a rare unit. As a Necropolis unit Lich can be part of a very useful Necropolis buff along with Vampire and Bone Dragon (Ghost is not advisable addition in any team). There is a high possibility that you acquire the most powerful Assassin/Guardian/Haven/Necropolis combo if you survive long enough to recruit desired units.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Moon Doe is an epic Spirit unit from the Sylvans faction. Moon Doe is a support unit that can summon a Lightning Orb above a random foe that causes massive damage every 2 seconds to that foe and all nearby enemies. This magical animal can hit only targets next to him causing swift painful strikes. His Attack Speed is very fast making his overall damage output on of the greatest in the game currently. Also, his armor is very thick and it is strongest compared to other Epic units. In short, Moon Doe can live enough to kill any other melee unit except Behemoth and Archangel. With Dryad, Moon Doe builds a partial Spirit buff that can be very effective in combination with his fighting abilities. Also, Moon Doe is a vital part of Sylvan synergy which can be combined with Fortress Synergy in the late game allowing you to assemble Guardian, Colossus, and Mage or Warrior buff.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Justicar is a common Assassin unit from the Haven faction. He is a melee damage dealer who can perform a punitive strike causing overwhelming damage against the unfortunate target. As all Assassins, Justicar focuses on back-row units who can be swiftly and easily assassinated with his skill. Justicar can only hit targets next to him but his damage output is good enough to allow him to deal with his opponents before they kill him. Although, he is an Assassin unit, Justicar’s defensive stats give him moderate protection so he can endure enough in one-on-one combat to execute his powerful assassination strike. After the rework, Justicar’s usefulness drops and Assassination Synergy is not META anymore. Justicar is also needed for Haven buff but it is unlikely that there will be a need for full Haven buff, therefore Justicar will only be a part of partial Haven synergy with Zealot or Archangel depending whether you will go after Mage buff or Warrior buff.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Harpy is an uncommon Assassin unit from the Dungeon faction. She is a melee damage dealer who can rush to the furthest foe causing massive damage with her fangs. Harpy will always target the furthest foe which can be dangerous if you haven’t someone to take the stand against enemy front-liners. She has an incredible Attack Speed and she hits hard which allows her to have one of the greatest damage-output in the entire game. However, Harpy is very squishy and her defense is low even compared with common units. With Harpy in your team, you can go after full Assassin buff if you recruited Justicar earlier and after Dungeon buff along with Hydra and Stalker that allows you to obtain Hunter and Dragon buff combo. Since all Assassin units are from different faction you will be able to choose what faction buff will be complementary with Dungeon/Assassin combination – Haven or Necropolis.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Vampire is a rare Assassin unit from the Necropolis faction. This melee damage dealer can cast a blood spell that can cause devastating damage against a single target stealing its health in the same amount as damage inflicted. After the rework, this skill has been nerfed. As a melee unit, Vampire can only hit targets next to him. He has a moderate Attack Speed but his strikes are so powerful that he can prevail against any foe with ease, especially because he will steal its Health at some point. Vampire’s defensive stats are lower compared to other rare units but his ability to heal himself all the time is making him almost immortal in one-on-one combat. Before the rework Vampire was a must-have unit but now he should only be recruited as a part of Assassin or Necropolis synergy. Necropolis buff is one of the strongest faction buffs and you will be able to collect if you recruit Lich and Bone Dragon after Vampire.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Stalker is an epic Hunter unit from the Dungeon faction. Stalker is a ranged damage dealer who shoots ethereal arrows that can bounce between enemies causing moderate damage with each hit. Stalker can shoot enemies only 4 cells away. Stalker’s hits are not so strong but her Attack Speed is highest in the game allowing her to have incredible damage output, second only to Orc’s, Ranger’s and Behemoth’s. However, her defensive stats are ridiculous for an epic unit. She is squishy even compared with uncommon units but after the rework, her range is increased allowing her to stay alive a little longer. All in all, Stalker is not a very good unit but since she is a Hunter you may be forced to recruit her eventually, especially if you want to assemble a Dungeon buff along with Hydra and Harpy.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Hydra is a rare Dragon unit from the Dungeon faction. Hydra is a melee damage dealer who transforms into 2 smaller Hydras upon death. Hydra can only target opponents next to her causing heavy damage with each strike. Hydra has decent defensive stats which allows her to practically tank against opponents. However, Hydra is basically without any skills since small Hydras have minimum damage output and can survive only 2-3 hits which will buy a few seconds but will not change the outcome of the battle. As a Dragon, Hydra can provide Dragon buff only if there are no other Dragons meaning that if you recruit her you will not get the bonuses from other Dragons and she will take a place which could be filled with someone else for other much-needed buffs. Hydra is useful only if you are after Dungeon buff and if you want to have Dragon buff early, but otherwise, she is useless.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Green Dragon

Green Dragon is an Epic Dragon unit from the Sylvans faction. Green Dragon is a support unit that can liberate venomous spores contaminating enemies to take devastating damage over 5 seconds. He can use ranged attacks against target 3 cells away causing heavy damage with each hit. His damage output is one of the highest in the game because of his fast Attack Speed. He has a waste amount of Health and a considerable amount of armor. As a Dragon unit, Green Dragon will provide a Dragon buff if he is the only Dragon on the table which is always very helpful. If you recruited Druid, Dryad, Treant, Ranger and Moon Doe before him he will complete Sylvan buff which could be decisive. Obviously, if you survived long enough leading Sylvan units, Green Dragon will certainly be recruited but if you don’t have Sylvans in your army it would be wise to wait for other Dragons.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Bone Dragon

Bone Dragon is a legendary Dragon unit from the Necropolis faction. Bone Dragon is a support unit that can unleash a Ghostly Storm that lasts 6 seconds causing minor damage to all enemies every second and silencing them during that period. Bone Dragon can attack targets 3 cells away causing obliterating damage with each strike. However, his Attack Speed is not very fast therefore his overall damage output is moderate. Bone Dragon is heavily armored and his Health Pool is one of the highest in the game, making him ideal for tanking duties. Because of that, it would be wise to place him in the front line at the start of combat. If he is only Dragon on the table, he will provide Dragon buff granting increased mana to all adjacent units. Bone Dragon is an obvious choice of Dragons if you have Vampire and Lich in your team because he will complete a very useful Necropolis buff. On the other hand, if you don’t need Necropolis buff it might be better to wait for Red Dragon.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Red Dragon

Red Dragon is a legendary Dragon unit from the Fortress faction. Red Dragon is a ranged damage dealer who can simultaneously release 3 fireballs causing heavy damage with every fireball and burning everyone in its path (burning effects cause massive damage over 5 seconds). He can strike enemies 3 cells away and the power of his attacks is one of the greatest in the entire game. His Attack Speed is moderate but his damage output is incredible nevertheless. He is heavily armored and his Health Pool is second only to Archangel’s which makes him ideal for tanking duties even he is a ranged unit. Because of that, Red Dragon should be placed in front surrounded by other units who will receive Dragon buff. Red Dragon is probably the strongest unit in the game and he is definitely the most powerful of all Dragons. As a Fortress unit, he could help complete a partial Fortress buff along with Valkyrie and Fire Giant or full Fortress buff if you recruited all other Fortress units before which is unlikely. Red Dragon should be understood as a powerhouse whose presence on the battlefield will be decisive in synergy with your other units and buffs.