Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Review


Mighty Quest for Epic Loot mobile is out and it’s free-to-play! This turned into a much anticipated title for Ubisoft, which was confirmed in a brief period for pre-registration that began in May, and now the game is officially out. Besides the cool graphics, alluring gameplay, and a good sense of humor, what comes to mind looking at it for the first time is that this game interestingly enough targets that thing which every gamer has in common – the love of loot. We’ve checked out this epic action-adventure and it was well worth our time…

Development and reception

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot mobile release date was on July 9th, 2019, so the game only counts a little over a week since its birth. It was developed by Ubisoft Montreal, which is credited for a lot of good titles lately, and naturally, its publishing is entirely handled by Ubisoft. The game is released for Android and iOS.

On Google Play, Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Android achieved enormous success and has looted the #1 Top Free place. It is categorized as an RPG and has 4.2 stars so far from an incredible 40+ thousand votes. On iTunes App store, the situation seems similar, only there this mobile game was categorized as strategy and is #3 in the genre, with 9+ thousand votes and an impressive 4.7 stars! The game is free to play on both mobile stores.

The Story

As mentioned, loot seems to be the main theme of this game, and it is keeping it all the way through. Apparently, the stage is set in a land ruled by someone called The Looter King. Now, this ruler has set off on a quest for, you guessed it, more loot. In fact, he ventured into a place called Opulencia, where untold riches await and has left the throne empty. According to the local legend, he who owns the most loot shall be crowned the Looter King. With the throne now empty, various adventurers rise up hungry for loot and eager to take the king’s place. These millions of wannabe looters all join the biggest raid seen so far, on the halls of Opulencia. Will they find the Looter King, or will someone among them seize the throne for him or herself?


The gameplay is again largely tied to the overall theme of the game, looting. Of course, you need to kill or destroy things first, don’t worry. The top-to-bottom view will have the camera centered on your main character, one of the wannabe looters naturally. Now, the controls are quite nicely organized into a two-touch functionality. Sweeping any portion of the screen in any direction moves your character in the direction of your swipe. The character will attack automatically when enemies are in front of him, but taping the screen anywhere also triggers an attack.

Thus, with these easy-to-learn controls, you are quickly lunged into the action-adventure-RPG-strategy-hack & slash gameplay. The pace of the game is quite fast and seamless, with the player having a non-stop input and control over what happens with his character, so no idle gameplay moments at all. You naturally have control over character customization and preparation, augmenting his attacks and tweaking your play style.

Graphics and appearance

The game’s overall appearance gives off an impression of a comic book or a cartoon, with its cartoonish artwork matching the overall funny and intentionally comedic atmosphere. The textures, however, are somewhat rough and may seem a bit low-end perhaps, but this greatly reduces this game’s system requirements and makes it run fast on most smartphones.


Mighty Quest for Epic Loot mobile game has very clever humor, cool art style, and doesn’t warm up your mobile device to the boiling point, which is perfect. It provides fast-paced action, a sound RPG epic adventure setting, offers a touch of strategy, and feeds the essential need of a player – the need for loot. It is definitely worth checking out as it is a fast download and an easy-to-pickup game, with enough content to keep you interested for a long time if it proves your cup of tea, or your chest of loot goodies if you will.

7.7 Good
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 7
  • Gameplay 8
  • User Ratings (5 Votes) 7.7