Minecraft Earth Early Access

Minecraft Earth Early Access is available for UK and several other countries

Minecraft Earth, the latest augmented reality project from Mojang, has people biting their nails and tapping their feet all over the world. The sandbox mobile game just began opening its proverbial doors, one country at a time. Since its announcement in May, the game was promised as a free-to-play iOS and Android app and now it is available in these countries:

Minecraft Earth – countries with available early access:

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Iceland
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • Philippines
  • New Zealand
  • Mexico
  • Australia

Minecraft Earth Early Access

If you are in one of these locations, you can check Google Play is you use Android or the iTunes App Store if you use iOS devices.

This augmented reality sandbox mobile game is similar to the original experience, and it is focused on gathering structures, building resources, exploration, and crafting. Only, now it is using the AR technology to transfer the gameplay onto the real world. Also, you can now play and build structures together with other players, participate in gathering, etc… The gathering process is done by tapping on the in-game map and “tappable” resources. You access adventures in a similar way, which may be specific tasks or puzzles, or any number of quests. Collaborating with another player in the building process is performed on “buildplates”, which will be easily accessible and visible through the interface menu.

Minecraft Earth Early Access

This game strives to live up to its title and the plan is to bring it globally, so more countries will be covered soon, as Mojang promises. Early access enables access to buildplates where you can get your first taste of the gameplay and build towards your design. Your Minecraft dioramas can be accessed by other players and, as mentioned, you can build together.

Tappables will also be available and Minecraft Earth early access will enable gathering, smelting, crafting and all basic features. Survival skills will also be put to the test, as hostile mobs will be found all over the environment. Also, a demo version will soon be available on Microsoft Store for US and Canada so far, in case you want to check it out.