Minecraft Earth available Globally

Minecraft Earth is now available globally

Minecraft Earth is finally becoming available all across the world, as the game has been slowly rolling out in selected countries over the course of the past three months, starting with New Zealand and Iceland on October 17, 2019. The game has hit the US in November, and now, still in early access though, it has rolled its welcoming carpet for all regions worldwide. If this is the first you’re hearing about it, it’s an augmented reality sandbox mobile game which brings the world of Minecraft to our reality, for single or multiplayer modes both.

According to user reviews so far, the game really brings the world of Minecraft outside of the constraints of a game and provides quite an immersive experience. As an augmented reality sandbox game, it’s quite a stretch for Mojang and Xbox Game Studios, who developed and published the game respectively. It was announced initially last May and is now available for iOS, Android, and iPadOS as free-to-play early access. There are users from all over the world praising the game for finally arriving in their country. People from Poland, Netherlands, Germany, and all other places will join in and this looks like it’s going to be one hell of a multiplayer undertaking.

The preset popularity of this title and the sheer number of players is probably the reason why the studios were so cautious with the launch, rolling out the welcome sign slowly and testing the results along the way. On the iTunes App Store, Minecraft Earth iOS already has a 4.1-star rating out of over 11k votes and is #7 in Adventure, which is the broadest sense of its genre, but there probably isn’t any accurate way of better describing it. The most accurate way would probably be to tell people that it’s like Minecraft, but played in reality.

In terms of gameplay, this latest installment is centered on structures, building, gathering, exploration, and crafting. It uses the same engine as before, but the mechanics in this AR version revolve around “Buildplates” which are also the centerfold of multiplayer allure. Players can collaborate in “build mode” and explore, gather, and do all sorts of things together. There are, of course, in-game enemies, “mobs”, and in-game currencies, so the whole experience has been transferred to our own reality.

Minecraft Earth is still in development, but the “early access” notification on Google Play is now merely a cosmetic touch, as the game looks quite complete and works nicely according to online feedback. It is free and will remain free, with in-game purchases optional of course. However, we might expect the studios adding more stuff into the gameplay as we go along, as this is just a promising start of an ambitious project.