Minimax Tinyverse

MINImax Tinyverse is available for pre-order on iPad

MINImax Tinyverse mobile is an upcoming project that will undoubtedly spark a serious interest worldwide. It is a Real-Time Action Chess video game build for iOS devices, meaning there will be MINImax Tinyverse mobile version for the iPhone and iPad. The game is already available on Steam for PC and its reviews are -Very Positive-.

MINImax Tinyverse PC release date was in December 2018 and it was developed and published both by O’oBlue Inc. The company is dedicated to creating games that meet the passions and needs of the community. They have shown great ingenuity with the MINImax Tinyverse game and they have also worked fast to update and adapt it after release, earning the overly positive feedback from the Steam Community.

MINImax Tinyverse App Store pre-order was just released and it will be free to play this month. The dates that the developer has set are:

  • MINImax Tinyverse iPad release date is 26th June, 2019
  • MINImax Tinyverse iPhone release date is August 2019

This F2P Real-Time Action strategy extravaganza lets the player watch over and lead their champions in the battle for the entire Tinyverse glory. The MINImax Tinyverse gameplay lets the player enjoy fast-paced battles that he or she will control in a “Be-a-GOD” type manner, all the while exploiting strategy rules. What this means is that the armies are marching on their own while the player, for instance, changes the terrain, steers them on a different path, builds forts or attacks them.

MINImax Tinyverse iPad, coming out on June 26, is also promising some new features compared to its PC counterpart. The game will bring different matchmaking modes, like the Custom Match (Friend Match), Observer Mode, in-game chat system, 4 new troopers, 3 new custom hands, and a new mini game in-battle that lets you earn extra rations. The hand is basically how the player’s impact on the game is depicted, as a giant hand of god.