MLA Treat

Mobile Legends: Adventure players are in for a treat!

Players of Mobile Legends: Adventure mobile game are getting an exciting plot and fantastic rewards, as MOONTON revealed. During launch week, there will be generous and exciting in-game events which will feature promotional, exclusive rewards and content, which can already be earned by pre-registering for the game. If you are a regular player of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, then chances are you already got your invitation.

The promotional content was sent via Mysterious Invitations in MLBB, which are inviting the players for a new journey that is coming for Mobile Legends: Adventure. The game was so far in its soft launch phase, and was playable only in some parts of the world, but now it goes on globally. Also, MOONTON is hinting at a crossover between MLBB and MLA with everyone’s favorite heroes coming to the upcoming event.

Mobile Legends: Adventure release date set for August 1st!

The fans of the MOBA MLBB are mostly hooked because of the competitive online multiplayer play and the game’s fast and fun pace. However, the game also has an intricate story and a wide array of heroes, which they plan on exploring more in Mobile Legends: Adventures mobile game. Thus, the franchise expands and a whole new level of gameplay awaits the fans. The official release date is set for August 1st, in the middle of the Summer, to turn up the heat a bit more undoubtedly.

However, MLA’s gameplay takes on a different approach, as it will be a more casual game, with an Idle RPG card strategy genre blend. It will allow the player to control five heroes in his team, determine their positioning, and organize all of the preparations for the match, while the execution alone is to be handled automatically. Google Play pre-registration will yield a Premium Summon Scroll and 100,000 battle points if you go and do it now! Also, the launch week will bring more exclusive, promotional rewards, in terms of diamonds, the game’s premium currency, equipment, and exclusive heroes. Also, during the first 10 days, the players will have the chance to complete certain tasks and earn a 5-star Epic Hero Hylos!