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Irithel was abandoned in the jungle by her parents when she was a little girl. Under the guidance of the God of Jungle, a female smilodon that had just given birth adopted her. Being protected by the mother smilodon, the little smilodon Leo and Irithel learned to hunt, survive, and grew up like an animal.

During a territory fight, the mother smilodon was badly injured. When Irithel and her “brother” Leo went to a town for help, they were captured as “smilodon children” by a slaveholder. When the cat elf mage – Nana – passed by and couldn’t watch them get beaten to death, she suddenly had the super power inside her that allowed her to save these two poor children.

With the help of Nana, Irithel was able to understand human languages and combat skills while leo grew up to become a strong adult smilodon. But Irithel still hates humans and trusts her only friend – Leo.

Class: Marksman

Specialty: Damage/Bonus

Type: Martial

Mobile Legends Adventure Irithel

Irithel is a Martial Marksmen whose natural position is in the back-row, although she could be used in the mid-row as well. Irtihel harasses the enemies constantly with her amazing damage output which is the highest in the game compared to other Marksmen. She also improves the overall Attack of all party members and helps them penetrate enemy defenses more easily. Upon casting ultimate all her attacks become AOE based making her capable to utterly destroy enemy front-row and mid-row in few seconds.

As a Martial Maksman, Irithel has many uses. If paired with Clint as primary damage dealers, she could be combined with Dark, Tech and Elemental Heroes with great success. Now is possible to assemble a full Martial team but the luck of usable Martial Support characters makes this team less desirable then some other combinations like Martial/Elemental (Grock, Hylos, Estes, Clint, Irithel) or Martial/Dark (Argus, Alice, Karina, Clint, Irithel). Light Heroes does not have great synergy with Irithel, although Gusion, Freya and Gatotkaca could be a nice addition to mighty Martial damage-dealing duo.

Irithel is a pure damage dealer. Items with Attack Power and Attack Penetration will increase her already amazing damage output so it should be prioritized. Also, CD Reduction Gear will help Irithel to use her deadly Ultimate more often.

Immediately after seeing Irithel’s skill-set it becomes clear that she is the one of the most important characters in Mobile Legends Adventure at the moment. She should be maximized as soon as possible. Will the introduction of new Heroes diminish her importance, it remain to be seen.

irithel's stats on maximum level

Mobile Legends Adventure Irithel Stats

Irithel's Abilities

Heavy Crossbow

Mobile Legends Adventure Irithel Ultimate Heavy Crossbow


Mobile Legends Adventure Irithel Skill Strafe

Force of The Queen

Mobile Legends Adventure Irithel Skill Force of The Queen

Jungle Heart

Mobile Legends Adventure Irithel Passive Jungle Heart

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