Welcome to Mobile Legends Adventure Guide (Full Comprehensive). On this page, you will find explanations of all segments in MLA. This Guide will be updated with every new event and after the introduction of any new playable game segment.

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide

MLA has several mini-games inside itself which needs to be played and possibly cleared after every login to fulfill Daily Quests, Weekly Quests, and Achievement Quests. Arena, Tower of Babel and Crusade are needed for Achievement Rewards while Labyrinth and Trials are used for gathering gear and resources. The campaign is separate and represents your overall progress through the main game story. Each of these game segments is shown by its building on the main screen, except Trials and Crusade which are both inside Time Portal Building. I will now explain to you all of the Buildings one by one.


At the center of the main screen, you can see a Castle with a portal. By clicking on it you will enter a campaign. The main Campaign is divided by chapters and every chapter has to up to 35 missions. Every fifth mission in every chapter increases the number of Idle rewards you will get by clicking on the chest which is located on the right side of Campaign Screen. Squad Experience, Hero Experience and Battle Points (in-game currency) are accumulated every minute depending on your overall campaign progress. You practically don’t need to do anything and you will get main game resources as the time passes but keep in mind that after 24 hours your Idle Rewards Chest will be full and you will not be able to collect any more resources unless you interact with the chest. That means that you will have to login every day to avoid wasting resources. During the day and depending on RNG (Random Number Generator) other important things will fill your Idle Reward Chests, such as Skill Stones, Equipment Coins, Gear, Hero Fragments, Advance Essences or much-needed Diamonds (the main currency used for summoning Heroes).

Mobile Legends Adventure guide campaign

The campaign itself gradually increases in difficulty with every mission which indicates that you will have to improve your main Heroes regularly for steady progress. There is no specific squad required for the Campaign missions since the enemies changes with every nod, you only need to have a team powerful enough to clear it. Using a healer will definitely help you in some missions but it is not mandatory, so you should use Heroes with the highest power. Be sure to check the statistics of all members of your squad because it is important to put Heroes with the highest defense in a front-row regarding their role. For example, if you have a marksman with 3 red stars and a tank with 1 red star, your marksmen will have higher defense, therefore, he should be in a front row and your tank should take mid-row or bottom row depending on a defense of other heroes.

Campaign progress is the exact indicator of your overall power and you should always strive to clear as many missions as you can, especially since the number of Idle Rewards will increase drastically and more Idle Rewards means faster Hero progression.


For entering into Wishing Shrine you need to interact with the fountain which is located in the bottom center of the main screen. Wishing Shrine is the place where you will be able to summon Heroes in three different types of summons – Premium Summon, Miracle Summon and Friendship Summon.

Premium Summon is executed by using Premium Tickets which can be obtained by finishing quests, participating in Events or spending Diamonds. The price of one Premium Ticket is 280 Diamonds but you can buy 10 tickets at once for a discount paying 2500 Diamonds in total. You can summon any Hero from a Gallery to up to 5 yellow stars but Epic Heroes have a much lesser drop rate than Elite Heroes and Epic Heroes always come with 5 yellow stars. To summon a hero you first need to connect stars on a Star Map.

mobille legends adventure Summoning Screen

It may seem pointless but if you succeed in connecting as many stars as you can and if you repeat the same connection in the second summon you drastically increase the chance of summoning an Epic Hero.

Miracle Summon is executed by using Miracle Summon Scrolls. They are currently available only through Events but I believe that in future we will have a new game segment that will provide those scrolls on regular bases. Miracle Summon is similar to Premium Summon with the difference that in Miracle Summon you can pick an origin of Hero before summoning. Also in Miracle Summons, you will be able to receive Hero fragments as well.

Friendship Summon is identical as Premium Summon but for Friendship summon you will need Hearts. You can acquire Heart by interacting with friends on your friends’ list. One Friendship Summon costs 10 Hearts. It does not offer you a discount for 10 summons at once and you will have to spend 100 Hearts for 10 summons. The drop rate chance is the same as in Premium Summon.

You have to summon Heroes every day if you want to have enough Hero-materials for improving the number of stars on your main team.  If you want to upgrade your Hero you need to visit the Fusion Shrine.


In a small mansion above Wishing Shrine in the center of the main screen, you can find Fusion Shrine. Fusion Shrine is the place where you can combine Heroes from your roster in order to obtain more powerful Heroes. The number of stars of every Hero can be upgraded if you combine Heroes from your roster. Heroes who are used as combining material are lost for good and they will be erased from your roster. Keep in mind that Elite Heroes can not be upgraded above 3 red stars. Here is the list of requirements for upgrading the number of stars of you Heroes:

  • 4 yellow stars – 3 same Heroes with 3 yellow stars;
  • 5 yellow stars – 3 same Heroes with 4 yellow stars;
  • 1 red star – 2 same heroes with 5 yellow stars;
  • 2 red stars – Chosen Hero with 1 red star and another hero of the same origin with 1 red star;
  • 3 red stars – Chosen Hero with 2 red stars, same Hero with 5 yellow stars and one Hero of the same origin with 1 red star;
  • 4 red stars – Chosen Hero with 3 red stars and the Hero of the same origin with 3 red stars;
  • 5 red stars – Chosen Hero with 4 red stars, same Hero with 1 red star and the Hero of the same origin with 3 red stars;
  • 1 platinum star – Chosen Hero with 5 red stars, the same hero with 1 red star;


Time Portal is located below Campaign on the main screen and it is shown as a portal between 2 rocks. When you interact with Time Portal you will see 2 different game segments – Trials and Crusade – and the current number of Chrono Stars in your possession.

mobile legends adventure Time Portal

Trials are the segment where you can pick a fight with 3 different adversaries in an attempt to earn Hero Experience, Advanced Essences and Chrono Stars. Every Adversary requires a specific team based on Hero origin, role or type of damage. This challenge is not particularly hard but demands a versatile roster if you want to beat every possible enemy on daily bases. For completing a challenge you will be awarded 1 Chrono Star to up to 3 Chrono Stars for beating all enemies.

mobile legends adventure Trials

Crusade is another segment located in Time Portal. In Crusade, your goal is to climb on the top of the mountain by eliminating all enemies in your path. There is a total of 9 different nodes that should be cleared and after every third cleared node you will be awarded chest containing Battle Points and random Hero Fragments. Also, after clearing every third node you will receive a one Chrono Star to up to 3 Chrono Stars at the top of the mountain. It is important to say that in Crusade your Heroes transfers their Heath from one mission to another which means that you will need at least one healer in your team if you want to successfully clear all the way up, every day. Currently, there are 2 healers – Estes and Rafaela – so you should consider relying on at least one of them for Crusade. I use both in this segment of the game. The overall difficulty of Crusade is increasing with every cleared stage, but don’t worry since you will be able to clear more than 200 stages before real troubles start to appear.

mobile legends adventure guide Crusade

Chrono Stars, I mentioned earlier, are collected from both Crusade and Trials and they are counted together for acquiring rewards from Starsoul Chest. Time Portal resets every 7 days and during that time you will use accumulated Chrono Stars for obtaining Chrono Cards. Four Chrono Stars are needed for one Chrono Card and you will be able to obtain to up to 7 Chrono Cards. Having 3 Chrono Cards of the same type will award you with additional bonuses. When the Time Portal resets you will be able to collect awards from Starsoul Chest. In short, you will have 7 days to collect 28 Chrono Stars for maximum rewards. When we know that the maximal amount of Chrono Stars per day is 6 we conclude that you will be able easily to collect maximum rewards if you log in every day.

mobile legends adventure guide Tower of Babel


Tower of Babel is some kind of building made of more than 400 floors with enemies on each floor. The power of enemies gradually increasing with every cleared floor. You will use your best team for doing the Tower of Babel in the attempt to earn rewards available after defeating enemies on the selected floor. Rewards are Battle Points, Advance Essences, Diamonds and Hero Shards (Hero Shards are rewarded after clearing every 10th floor). The amount of rewards is also increasing as you move forwards making Tower of Babel an ideal farming spot. Enemies will have similar power as yours and you will learn the real qualities of different Heroes just by participating in this segment.

mobile legends adventure Labyrinth guide


The labyrinth is probably the most interesting segment in Mobile Legends Adventure. Your goal is to clear the dungeon in pursue gear and other treasures. When you clear the same dungeon several times and earn enough Dungeon Medal Points you will progress to the next more difficult Dungeon which provides better rewards (currently there are 21 different Dungeon).

Every dungeon has at least 3 floors and every floor has at least 20 tiles (later on Dungeons consists of 5 floors with 35 tiles on each floor). When you start this challenge you will see the current floor with all tiles hidden. Your exploration starts when you uncover the first tile. Beneath hidden tile, you can find enemies, treasures, bombs, materials, and a lot of other practical tools that should make your exploration easier.

mobile legends adventure Labyrinth Floor

When you find an enemy all tiles next to that enemy will be unavailable for flipping so you will have to beat the enemy for continuing your journey. There is 3 kind of enemies – Common Enemies, Vigilance Enemies, and Boss Enemies. Common Enemy is a random team of 5 Heroes or Creatures. Common Enemies awards you with blessings when you beat them, which are very important because it boosts certain attributes of your team while in the dungeon and with gear. Lifesteal, Attack Increase or Attack Speed Increase are just some of the possible blessings. On each floor, you will find up to 4 Common Enemies and you will have to beat all of them until you find a key for the next floor. When you find the key you can move forward to the next floor or you can stay and clear remaining enemies. Vigilance Enemy is also a random team of 5 Heroes or Creatures but when you uncover this enemy you will lose the health of all your Heroes whenever you flip the tile while Vigilance Enemy is alive. This practically means that you will have to destroy Vigilance Enemy as soon as you find them. On some floors Vigilance Enemies will be revealed and you will have to flip tiles in order to move next to them for an attack. In this situation be sure to pick the shortest way possible. Vigilance Enemy also awards you with blessings and gear. Boss Enemy is the final challenge on the last floor of the Dungeon. Random team of 4 Heroes and a Leader will await at the end of each Dungeon. Boss Enemies are hard so be sure to have all possible blessings and full HP when you decide to attack them. For defeating the Boss you will be awarded key for leaving the Dungeon.

Later on, Dungeon Floor will have up to 2 furnaces which will be revealed to you but you will have to find a way for them to use them. Furnaces use materials you found when after opening tiles for crafting handy scrolls and tools. That stuff has many uses but my suggestion is to focus on making Benediction scrolls which will grant you that 2 Common Enemies on floor awards you with Epic Blessings. Ladder scroll is also important because of its open doors to secret floors containing a bunch of other materials, usable Heroes, etc…

mobile legends adventure Furnace guide

During the exploration, your Heroes transfers their HP and cooldowns from fight to fight which indicates that your main Labyrinth team should have at least one healer. You can indeed find Heroes for hire in the Dungeon who are often more powerful than your heroes but it is smart to be prepared for any danger that lies ahead. If one of your Heroes dies during the battle you can revive him via furnace or by clicking on the appropriate tile, or you can replace him with another Hero from your roster. The difficulty of dungeons will gradually be increasing but since you will have to clear one same Dungeon multiple times before advancing to the next Dungeon you will have enough time to improve your Heroes to be powerful enough for the journey ahead. In the end when you earn enough Dungeon Medal Points for advancing you will be awarded special gear that should help you in the next Dungeon.

Labyrinth requires time, careful planning and strategy but it is definitely the most demanding and interesting segment of Mobile Legends Adventure.

mobile legends adventure Arena guide


The Arena is the PVP segment of Mobile Legends Adventure. Similar to other gacha games, Arena measures the power of your team in daily battles against teams of other players.

Every two weeks Arena resets and you start with 1000 points. For every win, you can earn up to 35 points and for every defeat, you can lose up to the same amount. The number of points received or lost is counted according to the rank of the enemy player who is attacked by you or who attacked you. There are 8 different Ranks:

  • Warrior – Points Range 0-1099
  • Elite – Points Range 1100-1199
  • Master – Points Range 1200-1399
  • Grandmaster – Points Range 1400 -1599
  • Epic – Points Range 1600-1799
  • Legend – Points Range 1800 – 1999
  • Mythic – Points Range 2000+
  • Mythical Glory – Points Range 2000+, and rank top 10 on the Points Ranking.

This means that if you attack a player who is ranked 2 or more ranks beneath, you will be awarded just several points but if you defeat the player who is ranked above, you can receive up to 35 points for just one battle. Attacking is easy because you can always find a player with the team you can beat, but keeping the rank is hard since you will be always attacked by more powerful teams and you will lose your points with each defeat.

For participating in Arena you are awarded 3 kinds of rewards – Season Rewards, Achievement Rewards, and Daily Rewards. Season Rewards grants you Diamonds and Hero Fragments according to your rank at the end of Season. Achievement Rewards awards you with Battle Points and Diamonds whenever you achieve a Rank you have never been before. Daily Rewards grants Diamonds and Equipment Coins every day according to your daily ranking.

The Arena is the best way to see your overall progress in the game compared to the other players. Players who are pay-to-win based will be always better placed in the Arena than free-to-play players and that is the fact you will not be able to change.

mobile legends adventure Tavern guide


The Tavern is the place where you can and assign your Heroes to certain Bounties. Bounties currently grant you minor rewards and they are important only for Daily Quests except for the Title Promote Bounty which can grant you a decent amount of Diamonds when you finish it. Bounties reset every 24 hours.

mobile legends adventure Dismantle Shrine guide


Dismantle Shrine is located on the left side of the main screen. This building’s purpose is to help you with the Characters and Equipment you don’t need anymore. You can dismantle sufficient characters for Dismantle Shrine Crystals, Hero Experience and Advance Essences. Equipment which is not needed anymore can also be dismantled but you will gain Equipment Coins instead. Additionally, Dismantle Shrine can be used for Hero Reset. For example, if you invested resources in certain Hero but in a meantime, you opened better Hero who should replace the first one, you have an option to retrieve all invested resources for a small Diamonds fee. The price of reset depends on the number of stars Hero has and that Hero is downgraded to level 1. This is very handy at the beginning of the game and it could be helpful if you need certain Heroes for Trials.

Dismantle Shrine Crystals obtained by dismantling can be used in Dismantle Shrine Shop where you can by Hero Fragments. Here is the list of prices:

  • 50 Random 5-star fragments – 20000 Crystals
  • 30 Random 4-star fragments – 4200 Crystals
  • 50 5-star Epic Hero fragments – 60000 Crystals
  • 50 5-star Elite Hero fragments – 25000 Crystals

mobile legends adventure Holy Sanctuary guide


Holy Sanctuary is located next to the Dismantle Shrine on the Main Screen. This building is used to bless selected Heroes and grant them the level which is the same as the level of Heroes you already upgraded. In short, you will have more usable Heroes at your disposal free of charge. The number of Heroes who can be blessed depends on your Campaign Progress but you will also have to spend Diamonds to open new slots. As you can see in the picture I have 7 opened Blessing Slots. If I want to open 8th slot I will have to spend 800 Diamonds and for 9th I will have to clear Campaign 18-15.

It is totally up to you which Heroes will be blessed and you will probably pick Heroes with most stars but I suggest that you choose Heroes who will fulfill any required parameter in Trials. In other words, be sure to have enough Woman Heroes, Melee Heroes, and Heroes whose type is not the same as the type of Heroes you are using in your main team.

mobile legends adventure Market guide


The Market is located on the left edge of the main screen. A Market is a place where you can buy various stuff by spending Diamonds or Battle Points. You must have at least one purchase each day if you want to clear Daily Objectives. I strongly recommend that you spend only Diamonds because you will need every Battle Point you earn for leveling Heroes. You can refresh the store once per day or you can spend Diamonds for additional refreshes.

This concludes everything you should know about Buildings and their functions in Mobile Legends Adventure.

We hope that you liked our Mobile Legends Adventure Guide. If you want to learn more about MLA Heroes please check our Mobile Legends Adventure Characters page.