Welcome to Mobile Legends Adventure Tier list. On this page, you can see all the ML Adventure Characters divided in Tiers according to their in-game value. MLA Tier List compares characters by their solo strength in Campaign, Labyrinth and Arena. There are 5 different Tiers – Tier 1 is the best and Tier 5 is the worst Tier. Heroes in Tiers are also ranked by their value which means that the Hero on the top of the tier is the best Hero, Hero next to him is the second best, etc… After the introduction of any new character in the game, that Hero will be implemented in our Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List as soon as possible.


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Tier 1

Argus, Estes, Gusion, Alice, Clint, Valir, Lolita, Karina, Angela

Mobile Legends Adventure Argus
Mobile Legends Adventure Estes
Mobile Legends Adventure Gusion
Mobile Legends Adventure Alice
Mobile Legends Adventure Irithel thumb
Mobile Legends Adventure Clint
Mobile Legends Adventure Valir
Mobile Legends Adventure Lolita
Mobile Legends Adventure Karina
Mobile Legends Adventure Angela
Mobile Legends Adventure Badang
Mobile Legends Adventure Kadita

Characters in Tier 1 are the best Heroes in the game.

Argus is in the first place because of his incredible damage and ability to fully heal himself when he is about to die. Argus is definitely a Hero who is the game-changer.

Estes is in the second place because he is the best support character in the game who can improve any team by his healing and buffing.

Gusion is the best damage dealer in the game who can utterly destroy any target with his ultimate.

Alice has a nasty AOE which inflicts massive damage and drains health at the same time changing the outcome of the battle in the few seconds.

Irithel harasses her enemies with constant irresistible damage and improves damage output of the entire team. Her ultimate transforms her already amazing attacks into AOE attacks that could wipe out enemy’s front-row and mid-row in a few seconds.

Clint can deliver the highest single-target damage by using his Ultimate. The power of his Ultimate depends on the number of skills used by his fellow party members so it would be wise to manually execute it.

Valir has a devastating AOE which can obliterate the entire enemy team in a second.

Lolita is the best tank in the game who is capable to withstand almost any attack by using her Block ability which absorbs incoming damage. If she is in a team with Angela she is almost impossible to kill.

Karina relies on her twin blades that cause magic damage. She has the ability to quickly finish off any near-death target with her Ultimate and to gain energy for the new Ultimate in the same.

Angela is a Tech supporter who can transfer her self into an ally becoming immune to damage and greatly improving that ally. Having Angela and Lolita in the same team significantly improves your chance to win.

Badang is an extremely powerful Elemental fighter whose damage is increased whenever an ally uses a skill. With each hit, his armor is increased while his attacks stun and slows enemies.

Kadita is an Elemental Mage with mighty AOE and ability to apply mass Stun to her enemies. Her versatility enables her to be a member of almost any team with great success.

Tier 2

Lesley, Hylos, Lancelot, Yi Sun-shin, Gatotkaca, Saber, Rafaela, Chang’e

Mobile Legends Adventure Freya
Mobile Legends Adventure Lesley
Mobile Legends Adventure Hylos
Mobile Legends Adventure XBorg
Mobile Legends Adventure Lancelot
Mobile Legends Adventure Yi Sun-shin
Mobile Legends Adventure Minsitthar
Mobile Legends Adventure Gatotkaca
Mobile Legends Adventure Saber
Mobile Legends Adventure Rafaela
Mobile Legends Adventure Chang'e

Characters in Tier 2 can be successfully used in any team combination but they are not as strong as Tier 1 Characters.

Freya has a similar skill-set as Badang except she heals her self as her armor grows but her damage output is slightly lesser. She is a Light-based Hero meaning that she will be an ideal addition to Gatotkaca and Rafaela.

Lesley has a similar skill-set as Karina except she delivers physical damage and she is ranged, Hero. Her damage output against single targets can be matched only by Clint. She is Tech character so you should consider combining her with Lolita and Angela.

Hylos is the powerful Elemental Tank with a magic attack whose Health additionally increases with every point of his Magic Power. He is extremely hard to kill and he is able to heal and buff all allies fighting in the front row alongside him.

X.Borg is a Tech fighter who can cause a vast amount of damage to the enemy’s mid-row. His main strength is his Ultimate that can be executed freely at the start of each battle.

Lancelot is a bit squishy but he is extra useful against back-row enemies. If you want to quickly deal with enemy support characters, Lancelot is the right Hero for you.

Yi Sun Shin is a versatile Hero with amazing damage output who can be used as melee or as a ranged character with the same success. As a Martial Hero, he can be combined with numerous other Heroes regardless of his role in the party.

Minsitthar is another Light Fighter who can summon Guards in battle. His Spear and summoned Guards can injure both mid-row and front-row at the same time making him ideal against strong melee opponents.

Gatotkaca is a Light Tank who can penetrate the enemy’s mid-row causing decent magic AOE damage and surviving long enough to guarantee victory to his team.

Saber is a Tech Assassin with similar abilities as Lancelot but with slightly lesser damage output. He is an ideal contribution to the mighty Tech team.

Rafaela is not an Epic Hero but her healing abilities make a big difference in the early and mid-game. She is especially useful for Labyrinth and Crusade where you transfer the health of your Heroes from one battle to another. People that don’t have the Estes can use her all the way to 8 stars. Afterward, you should have a decent replacement. That’s why she is the highest-ranked Elite hero on our Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List.

Chang’e has powerful magic attacks that increases while she has a magic shield on her self. Her damage output is second only to Valir’s.

Tier 3

Grock, Akai, Aurora, Lapu-Lapu, Karrie, Zilong, Harley, Helcurt

Mobile Legends Adventure Grock
Mobile Legends Adventure Akai
Mobile Legends Adventure Aurora
Mobile Legends Adventure Lapu-Lapu
Mobile Legends Adventure Karrie
Mobile Legends Adventure Zilong
Mobile Legends Adventure Harley
Mobile Legends Adventure Helcurt

Tier 3 is filled with average MLA Characters who can be used with success only if they are combined with appropriate Heroes of the same type.

Grock is sturdy Elemental Tank with the ability to briefly immobilize the entire enemy team.

Akai is a decent Martial Tank capable of withstanding a lot of damage who can cause pain to enemies in all rows by his Ultimate.

Aurora is a magic damage dealer whose abilities are similar to Valir’s but significantly less potent.

Lapu-Lapu is a Martial Fighter with giant swords that can be used in two different stances inflicting a medium amount of damage.

Karrie is a Tech Marksmen who focuses on attacking enemies with full health. Her damage output is great but since it is is never used against a low-health target it seems that it is wasted.

Zilong is a Martial Fighter with amazing attack speed who can cause damage to the enemy’s mid-row. However, his damage output is not that great.

Harley is an Elemental Mage who can plant devastating bombs when he is near death. He is very squishy meaning that he will die fast in front-rows bringing no significant difference to the battle outcome. If he is placed in a back-row, his bombs will be planted when the fight is already decided.

Helcurt is a Dark Assassin whose role is similar to Sabre’s or Lancelot’s. However his damage output and finishing blows are not that strong although he makes extra damage against magic users.

Tier 4

Moskov, Odette, Gord, Aldous, Bruno, Tigreal, Eudora, Kaja, Layla

Mobile Legends Adventure Moskov
Mobile Legends Adventure Odette
Mobile Legends Adventure Gord
Mobile Legends Adventure Aldous
Mobile Legends Adventure Bruno
Mobile Legends Adventure Tigreal
Mobile Legends Adventure Eudora
Mobile Legends Adventure Kaja
Mobile Legends Adventure Layla

Tier 4 Characters can be used sometimes but their usefulness is limited. This Tier is filled with better Elite Heroes and with 2 Epic Heroes.

Moskov is a Dark Marksmen who can deliver average damage and whose Ultimate can hit only enemies who are in the same line as his. Moskov’s only virtue is because he is a Dark Hero so you can combine him with mega-powerful Argus and Alice.

Gord is another Epic Hero in Tier 4. He is an Elemental Mage whose damage can hurt the entire enemy team. Problem is that his damage output is not significant at all so you will think that he is not even present on the battlefield.

Other Heroes in Tier 4 are Elite heroes who are better that Tier 5 characters but who should be used only as a last resort.

Tier 5

Balmond, Hilda, Jawhead, Franco, Alucard, Cyclops, Miya, Bane

Mobile Legends Adventure Balmond
Mobile Legends Adventure Hilda
Mobile Legends Adventure Jawhead
Mobile Legends Adventure Franco
Mobile Legends Adventure Alucard
Mobile Legends Adventure Cyclops
Mobile Legends Adventure Miya
Mobile Legends Adventure Bane

Tier 5 is filled with Elite Heroes who should be used only if you don’t have anyone else. Their progression is limited and their contribution in battle is minimal so they should be used only as progression material.

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MLA Tier List is made according to our game experience. If you have any suggestions or you think that certain characters deserve a higher or lower place, be free to share your thoughts with us because our goal is to make the best and most accurate Tier List which will help everyone who wants to play this amazing game. BlueMoonGame thank you in advance for any feedback given on this subject.

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