Mobile game controllers are a must-buy for any competitive or passionate gamer, who plays games on mobile devices. As we all know, touchscreen input can only take you far and even the claw method is not a permanent solution, for it can tire up your hands. The best thing to do is opt for a mobile game controller that fits your device and is comfortable for you to use for prolonged periods. We’ve included several different designs and choices, keeping in mind that we stay in the affordable class for the most part, and we’ve gathered two lists with 5 controllers each for iOS and Android separately.

iOS Game Controllers

What are the best options for Apple users?

rotor riot

Excellent connection without any lag or latency…

rotor riot controller

Rotor Riot is an MFI-certified gamepad for iPhones. It is the only MFI controller with L3 and R3 buttons and it is fully compatible with numerous iOS games. This gamepad used the attached mobile device holder, which would not be a good choice for some heavier units like the Asus ROG Phone 2 or similar heavy devices, but Apple’s iPhones all fit and feel nice, even after hours of gaming. It has an excellent connection without any lag or latency and it can be charged as you use it with its power pass feature.

It can also fit iPads nicely and it is an affiliate of the Ludu Mapp app that has 1000 games certified and approved for this controller, among which is Call of Duty and Portal Knight. Rotor Riot controller is incredibly well connected to all other iTunes App Store gaming apps and it is compatible with iOS 7 or later. It currently sells for about $50 bucks, which is a fair price for its durability, build, and quality.

  • L3 and R3 buttons
  • Attached holder for iPhone and iPad
  • Charge and play
  • Compatible with all iTunes gaming apps
  • Affiliate of Ludu Mapp app with over 1000 gaming apps
  • Sells for approximately $50
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Microsoft Xbox Wireless

One of the best if not the best controller available…

xbox wireless controller

Microsoft Xbox Wireless controller is one of the best if not the best controller on the market, at least in 2019. Microsoft has reportedly invested a lot of money and effort into developing the ultimate versatile gamepad, and this unit is good for both Android and iOS, but it requires iOS 13 or later. The only downside is that it uses the phone clip to hold your mobile device, which needs to be purchased separately, and many gamers do not like this type of mounting method. It currently sells for approximately $40 bucks, which is its lowest price ever.

It came out with Xbox One S and it features the trademark Microsoft design, including the familiar button layout. This Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller has a built-in Bluetooth connectivity feature and it comes with an adapter. It can work with up to 7 more controllers simultaneously and it is even compatible with Windows 10. You’ll need to purchase the phone clip for mounting the Smartphone separately, which is anywhere from $5 to $15 bucks on average.

  • Overall one of the most popular controllers for both iOS and Android
  • Needs iOS 13 or later, but works with all Android devices
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with PC
  • Familiar Microsoft Xbox design and button layout
  • Uses phone clip to mount the Smartphone
  • Costs about $40 bucks
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GameSir G6

Low latency and excellent response time…

GameSir g6 controller

GameSir G6 wireless gamepad is next-gen controller, the successor to the famed G5, which was for Android, but this one is built to accommodate primarily iOS users. It currently sells at $35 and brings some of the best-value features for even much higher prices. It supports all Apple iPhones with iOS 9.0 or later and that is no larger than 6.57 inches. It can also work for Android devices, but according to online feedback, the apps have some compatibility problems.

Firstly, it is designed to utilize the right thumb + gamepad/joystick play, which combines touch input with the controller action that enables much more responsive and precise gameplay, especially for FPS games like PUBG, CODM, ROS, and others. It has a 10-button layout and its ultra-thin design enables them to be easily accessible and not to tire your hands in the slightest. It works wireless with Bluetooth 5.0 connection and can run for up to an incredible 80 hours straight! This is enabled by the GameSir G6’s built-in Nordic 52832 chip and a 3mAh ultra-low consumption battery, which can even charge while you play so it’s practically infinite. According to the gaming community, it has low latency, excellent response time and connectivity, and it’s durable and reliable.

  • Touchscreen and Controller combined gameplay
  • Works with iOS 9.0 and above
  • Can fit phones up to 6.57 inches in size
  • Ultra-thin, light, but durable design
  • Nordic built-in 52832 chip
  • 3mAh ultra-low power consumption battery
  • Up to 80 hours of battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity
  • Currently sells for around $35
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Mobile Game holder

The mounting method is better than any other…

coobile mobile game controller

There are several manufacturers and sellers of this universal accessory, simply called the Mobile Game Controller or Holder. And, it is precisely a holder. It is a 3-in-1 combination of a gamepad, game trigger, and mobile phone holder, but the mounting method is a lot better than any other, even telescopic controllers. It can fit Smartphones from 4 to 6,5 inches in diagonal length, and this controller is one of the best choices for FPS games like PUBG Mobile and other battle royale shooters. It currently sells for around $10.

Now, the only additional controls this controller brings are the mechanical (analog) triggers that enable you to use your index fingers along with your thumbs while playing. The triggers are activated by the user’s index fingers on the back of the controller, while the triggers on the top of the device will press down on the device’s touchscreen with a soft pointy tip. This mobile game holder uses the simplest of methods, but it brings additional features that make it as popular as it is. Depending on the version you go for, it comes with a 2000mAh to 4000mAh built-in battery and it has a USB port so you can plug in your device in and use the controller’s battery to power and charge your mobile device. Furthermore, it also has a cooling fan on the back, to cool your Smartphone.

  • The simple analog trigger method
  • Can fit Smartphones from 4 to 6.5 inches
  • Has its 2000-4000mAh battery that can charge your Smartphone
  • Has a cooling fan on the back
  • Sells for around $10
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GameSir X1 BattleDock

The preferred option for FPS games…

GameSir x1 BattleDock

This is one of the most popular accessories for FPS professionally players, simply because GameSir X1 BattleDock is just a mobile device holder with Mouse and Keyboard converter. It is, of course, far from just that as it comes with its 3000mAh battery that can power and charge your device, its own Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and two USB standard ports for keyboard and mouse.

GameSir X1 BattleDock features a 3-part aluminum frame with two joints that can bend and accommodate the user with the best Smartphone hold. When fully set up, it gives the same PC experience, which is why it is the preferred option for people who are passionate and competitive in first-person shooter games. It is compatible with iPhones and iPads, but also Android phones and tablets. However, due to its popularity, the unit is sold out most of the time and it is currently not available on Amazon US or UK. However, when available, it costs around $35 bucks.

  • BattleDock device holder for Keyboard and Mouse utilization
  • Has its 3000mAh battery to power and charge your device
  • Uses Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • Often sold out and unavailable but usually costs around $35 bucks
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android Game Controllers

What are the best options for Android users?

MSI Force GC30

The most praised controller for Android phones…

MSI Force GC30 controller

The MSI Force GC30 is among the most praised controllers for Android phones in the market throughout the last year. It sells for an incredibly affordable price of around $35 bucks or below even, and it brings durable design, great compatibility, and incredible functionality. The controller can also be connected to PC (Windows 7/8.1/10), PlayStation 4, and various other Android devices like tablets, etc.

This controller’s main feature is its accuracy, for it uses advanced analog sticks and a D-pad, which comes with a magnetic cover that enables better adaptability for users. It also has two vibration motors and uses haptic feedback for an enhanced gaming experience. The MSI Force GC30 provides increased sensory input and can connect in two methods, both wireless and wired, and you can switch seamlessly between the two. It has a built-in 600mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to 8 hours of non-stop gaming.

  • Compatible with Android phones and tablets
  • Compatible with Windows 7,8.1,10 (PC and Laptop)
  • Compatible with PS4
  • Wireless and wired connectivity
  • Dual analog sticks
  • D-pad with a magnetic cover for better adaptability
  • Dual vibration motors
  • 600mAh built-in battery for up to 8 hours of gaming
  • Sells for $35 bucks currently
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GameSir G5

Perfect for games that require multitasking…

GameSir G5 controller

GameSir G5 is considered a grab for its budget price currently around $35 bucks, its high-class design, and all-around features. It is a wireless trackpad mobile game gamepad for Android phones that features perhaps the highest number of controls on a single gamepad, currently in the market. It is aptly named the “next-gen” controller and its programmable buttons with up to 33 functions are here to prove it.

This is the perfect choice for games that require multitasking and more commands than usual, having options to set up everything you might need, from basic functions to macros, and advanced utility. GameSir G5’s trackpad with its surround 8 buttons is among the most responsive and sensitive according to the gamer community, and it is designed in such a way that all of the controls are easily accessible. It also has the BattleDock function (for wireless mouse and keyboard combo), mechanical triggers, shoulder and rear buttons, and everything for the next level mobile gaming.

  • Up to 33 separate functions
  • Trackpad with an 8-button surrounding layout
  • Shoulder and back trigger functions
  • BattleDock functionality
  • High-quality build
  • Costs only around $35 bucks
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gLap Play

Luxurious features and high-quality build…

gplay controller

gLap Play is a telescopic wireless controller that slides to the sides to fit your mobile device, fitting its control pads to the left and right. It is designed exclusively for Android and supports all Android mobile devices currently on the market. It is designed especially to improve user experience by amplifying sound, as well as provide an easily accessible, versatile controller setup. The telescopic controller is a preferred method of mounting the mobile device on a controller for many gamers, especially those with heavier gaming units. The more powerful the Smartphone, the heavier it is, and it is much better to have it balanced between your hands than mounted on a phone clip.

Run time is up to 10 hours and it comes with links to Steam, Galaxy, and Google Play for the most compatible apps. It works wirelessly via the Bluetooth 4.1, which provides decent connectivity, but it uses USB connection for PC. The only downside to gLap Play is its price, which is currently around $110. However, given its luxurious features, incredibly high-quality build, and overall comfortable user experience, it is a mobile controller worth investing, according to many opinions and user reviews on the web.

  • Telescopic mounting method
  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity
  • USB for PC connectivity
  • Up to 10 hours of runtime
  • Enhanced sound and improved immersion
  • Compatible with Steam, Galaxy, and Google Play stores
  • Sells for around $110
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Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless

Again, one of the best if not the best controller available…

xbox wireless controller

Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless controller earned its place on both the iOS and Android section of our selection. It is, according to the most popular opinion, the best and certainly the most optimum controller for mobile gaming currently. It is affordable, selling at approximately $40 bucks or less, it is durable, and features Microsoft’s optimal design and all the buttons for basic gaming needs. The only downside is that it uses the phone clip as a way to mount your Smartphone, which is not a preferred option for some gamers with really heavy devices.

This controller was released alongside Xbox One S. It has built-in Bluetooth, can be connected to PC, and you can use up to 8 of them in a single gaming session. It’s built to last, has all of Microsoft’s trademark buttons and shape, and it is perhaps one of the most comfortable controllers to hold. This unit is even in a higher class than its competitor, the PS4 controller when viewing it from the mobile gaming standpoint. The PS4 controller works in D-input mode, while the Xbox controller works in X-input mode, which works natively with Android and with iOS up from recently, with the iOS 13 update.

  • Overall one of the most popular controllers for both iOS and Android
  • Needs iOS 13 or later, but works with all Android devices
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with PC
  • Familiar Microsoft Xbox design and button layout
  • Uses phone clip to mount the Smartphone
  • Costs about $40 bucks
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QuTess STK-7007X

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con style…

QuTess STK-7007X Wireless controller

QuTess STK-7007X Wireless controller features a similar if not the same design and functionality like many controllers from the same mid-class. It is the same controller as the popular Saitake STK-7007X, but Saitake is currently sold out on Amazon, so we include QuTess which is even cheaper, but brings the same set of features and quality. The design on these units is similar to that of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con and it uses the same method of mounting.

QuTess STK-7007X comes as two gamepads, one left and one right, which is connected by a telescopic middle section that has an adjustable size. Hence, these controllers are called telescopic controllers. The maximum stretch is 6.29 inches in length (16cm), which is well above any Smartphone size. However, because of the nature of its pads, this controller is not the most optimum for Tablets. It can be used for PCs, and it currently sells at around $27 bucks.

  • Telescopic fit
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con style side controllers
  • 6.29-inch maximum horizontal stretch
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Currently sells for around $27
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