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Choosing the best speaker for mobile gaming seems to come down to two things – do you play mobile games at home or do you want a speaker you can carry with you easily? With this in mind, it is then just a question of connectivity, for if you want an immersive gaming experience, Mono sound just isn’t going to cut it, which is what most of the Bluetooth wireless speakers have to offer. But, if you need one for gaming on the go, there are a few decent options we’ve found.

Thanks to the Smart Speaker technology development, Bluetooth speakers are no longer so hip as they were a couple of years back. People like to talk to the Google assistant through their speaker, and it is a cool thing to do no doubt. But, as mentioned, it all comes down to if you are a dedicated at-home gamer or do you want a speaker you can carry around often because Smart Speakers are rarely built for the great outdoors and ordinary Bluetooth mobile phone speakers are always more durable, rugged, and have a much wider connectivity pallet.

With that in mind, we’ve comprised two lists, one for the best portable and the second one for at-home gamer speakers (but which you can still carry with you with no big trouble). Other criterions naturally included sound quality, connectivity availability, affordable prices, durable build, and overall high quality and value for money spent.

Our picks for currently best speakers for mobile gaming:

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Logitech G560

Their features are what earned them first place in many lists with similar content…

Logitech G560 review, specifications, statistics

Logitech G560 comes from the renowned manufacturer who’s been making PC speakers for over two decades now. Naturally, this model comes with USB, 3.5mm, and Bluetooth of course, but their features are what earned them first place in many lists with similar content. Firstly, this unit comes with 6.5 inches subwoofer, 2-inch tweeters, and a built-in DTS:X virtual surround. It is a 1 subwoofer + 2 satellite setup, that comes with 240W of max power and a sound design rated highly by gamers.

However, some people might note the RGB lighting as either a go-to or a deal-breaker. This one comes with a front and rear 16.8 million color range and can look stylish. It works with Windows, Smartphones, tablets, and virtually any other platform that can connect via USB, Bluetooth, or 3.5mm jack. Logitech G560 has only one weak point, and that’s its price, which is currently around $260 bucks. The total dimensions of this speaker setup are 5.8 x 6.5 x 4.6 inches for satellites and 15.9 x 10 x 8.1 in for the subwoofer, making them just small enough for being somewhat portable.

  •  Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, and USB connectivity
  •  240W of max power
  •  2-inch tweeters
  •  6.5-inch subwoofer
  •  2 satellites + 1subwoofer setup
  •  RGB lighting
  •  Sells for $260 bucks currently
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Klipsch R-15PM

It currently sells for about $300, but they are at the top of their class…

Klipsch R-15PM review, specifications, statistics

Klipsch R-15PM is a particularly powerful and highly-rated dual speaker setup, but also expensive. It currently sells for about $300, but they are at the top of their class. If fact, they are often named the best high-end speakers for CPU, but they can connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth and 3.5mm jack. There is also the optical and USB cable connectivity, as this pair will work with anything.

It is a pair of speakers, each with a 5.25-inch subwoofer and 1-inch tweeters. However, they might be a bit too big to carry around. Klipsch R-15PM can switch between Phono and Line inputs and they deliver really good and clear sound from any device. They look really good and are built from high-quality wood. Their sound is made strong by the horn-loaded tweeters with linear travel suspension, true horizontal excursion, a neodymium magnet structure, and the integrated phono pre-amp. The woofers have a powerful IMG spun copper build with a steel frame, and ceramic magnets, which is what raises the price but also the quality of this pair.

  •  Speaker pair
  •  Each has a 5.25-inch subwoofer and 1-inch tweeter
  •  Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, USB, optical
  •  Integrated phono pre-amp
  •  On-board amplifier
  •  Very strong and clear sound
  •  Currently sells for $300
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Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless

It is one of the most unique looking speakers in the market…

Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless review, specifications, statistics

Harman Kardon SXoundSticks is one of the most unique looking speakers in the market. They are also not portable-friendly, though they can be carried, they are just better off set up and left where they are. They don’t support such a wide range of connectivity options as other models, but you can connect your mobile device via Bluetooth, or the 3.5mm jack. What makes this model pop is the 6-inch down-firing subwoofer that creates a really deep bass sound, while stylish satellites aid with their clear sound broadcast, creating a very good effect for both gaming and music.

This unit also has touch volume controls, which is a part of its industrial see-through design, and 8 full-range transducers. Harman Kardon SoundSticks’ design makes it somewhat tough to find a good place for these babies without having a special shelf or a stand made for them. However, the strength of the subwoofer and the free positioning of the satellites creates a great positional audio effect, very good for mobile gaming, especially FPS games. The price of this unit is currently around $270, which is not that affordable but it’s certainly not the highest price out there, either.

  • Industrial see-through design
  •  Single Down-firing subwoofer
  •  Two free satellites
  •  Bluetooth and 3.5mm jack connectivity
  •  Currently sells for $270
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Razer Leviathan

This is a unique design, which is specifically created to support the high-class sound range this unit can produce…

Razer Leviathan review, specifications, statistics

From the renowned manufacturer of all things gaming, comes this Dolby 5.1 surround sound Razer Leviathan speaker setup. It comes with a dedicated and powerful subwoofer and two pairs of drivers and tweeters but mounted on a single satellite called the soundbar. This is a unique design, which is specifically created to support the high-class sound range this unit can produce.

Razer Leviathan speakers have a frequency response rate from 180Hz to 20KHz and they achieve it by pairing the 5.25-inch downward-firing subwoofer with the satellite housing. The units are best positioned right one in front of the other, creating a unified source of rich surround sound that way. It also comes with aptX technology and connects via Bluetooth or the 3.5mm jack. It remembers paired devices, allowing for easy recurring connection, and is also quite easy to carry around during travels for instance. However, perhaps the best part about Leviathan is its price, which is currently as low as $155 bucks.

  •  Can be found as low as $155
  •  Downward-firing subwoofer + soundbar with two pairs of tweeters and drivers
  •  180Hz to 20KHz frequency
  •  Bluetooth + 3.5mm jack
  •  aptX technology
  •  Light and easy to carry
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Creative Stage T100 2.0

The best part about this set is that they come at an extremely affordable price…

Creative Stage T100 2.0 review, specifications, statistics

Creative Stage T100 2.0 is voted as the best all-round speaker set by many famous publications and is generally loved by users all over. It is a simple, traditional, and affordable yet effective, versatile, and powerful set. They come as two standard speakers with 2.75-inch drivers, while the boxes are 8.5 x 3.5 x 4.8 inches in size, so it is easy to carry set and use wherever, whenever. It delivers clear sound, positional audio, but the drawback is that the bass is somewhat weaker.

This simplistic design also has no flashy features like the RGB lighting and that sort of stuff, but the unit does come with its remote control and a great feature/control set. Creative Stage T100 2.0 peaks at 80W of power and uses Bluetooth 5.0, optical, Aux-in, USB, and 3.5mm jack for connectivity with virtually any device, including mobile phones. However, the best part about this set is that they come at an extremely affordable price, which is currently around $100 bucks.

  •  2x 2.75-inch drivers
  •  2x 40W power (80W in total)
  •  Two speakers and a remote, easy to carry and use anywhere
  •  In-depth controls and options
  •  Bluetooth 5.0, USB, Optical, 3.5mm, and AUX-in connectivity
  •  Currently, sell at $100 bucks
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Best portable-friendly Speakers

Our top choices for best portable-friendly mobile gaming speakers:

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Ultimate Ears Boom 3

One of the most popular Bluetooth portable mobile speakers currently, as it has been included in virtually every top list on the web…

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 review, specifications, statistics

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 is perhaps one of the most popular Bluetooth portable mobile speakers currently, as it has been included in virtually every top list on the web. Its popularity is undoubtedly helped by its relatively affordable price of around $120 bucks currently, but the unit does lack some luxury features our other choices have. With that said, it is a solid, rugged speaker that you can carry and use easily for mobile gaming on the go.

It transmits its sound in a 360° radius, has deep bass, and accurate sound overall. The rechargeable battery can last for up to 15 hours, but the power dock for wireless charging is sold separately and this unit can only be charged with the cord on its own. Also dubbed UE Boom 3, this unit is waterproof as it will float on water, and is virtually resistant to all other outdoor conditions. It can connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth and its maximum sound power is at 80dBA. It also features 90Hz to 20KHz frequency, but the best part of it is that it comes with its own Ultimate Ears app which can be used to pair more of these units, up to 150!

  •  Affordable, currently sells at around $120
  •  Up to 15 hours of battery live
  •  360° sound
  •  Charges via power cord; wireless charged sold separately
  •  Waterproof, durable, and highly resistant to outdoors
  •  80dBA sound power
  •  90Hz to 20KHz frequency
  •  Ultimate Ears app for pairing up to 150 of these speakers in a single setup
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JBL Charge 4

One of the best-selling portable mobile speakers in the world and it has had “Amazon’s Choice” title for quite a while…

JBL Charge 4 review, specification, statistics

JBL Charge is one of the best-selling portable mobile speakers in the world and it has had “Amazon’s Choice” title for quite a while. The unit comes at a somewhat higher price and currently sells for about $180 bucks. However, it delivers high-quality build and sound, well worth the price. First off, this speaker can work with up to 2 Smartphones at once (or tablets). It uses a 27Wh Lithium-ion Polymer battery, which is an equivalent to a 7500mAH, 2.6Volt battery) It charges from 0 to 100% in four hours, but it works for up to 20 hours.

It is waterproof and comes with the JB: connect+ availability, which can pair up to 100 of these in a single setup. JBL Charge 4 comes with simple volume controls, a power cord, and it is easy to carry anywhere. However, it does not include any other adapters or connections, besides its Bluetooth connectivity. It is an overall great value purchase, as the speaker is highly durable, has great sound, and is easy to carry.

  •  Currently sells for $180 bucks
  •  One of the most popular portable Bluetooth speakers in the world
  •  Can connect to up to 2 Smartphones at once
  •  7500mAH battery for up to 20 hours of playtime
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Marshall Stockwell II

 The sleek design, pint-size frame, and a carry strap make this speaker quite easy to carry anywhere…

Marshall Stockwell II review, specification, statistics

From the world’s top manufacturer of music speakers comes this stylish, portable Bluetooth unit called Marshall Stockwell II. However, it is not just a portable Bluetooth speaker with a fancy brand name and an incredibly cool design. It packs a real punch and brings high-class features at the table, and it sells for around $190 currently, which is very alluring. Firstly, the playtime on this unit is 20+ hours, depending on the volume. Secondly, the sleek design, pint-size frame, and a carry strap make this speaker quite easy to carry anywhere.

However, when it comes to sound, this is where this unit truly shines, and we haven’t expected anything less from Marshall. Stockwell II produces stereo sound with class D amplifiers in its subwoofer and tweeters, which face both the front and the back. The design also features a bass reflex system, which improves and strengthens the sound, giving this unit a range of over 30 feet. The top panel holds the controls and the battery life display, while the entire speaker has an IPX4 water-resistance rating. IT connects with Bluetooth 5.0, is built with metal, silicone, and plastic parts, very durable, and lastly it has a maximum sound pressure level of 80 dB SPL @ 1m.

  •  20+ hours of playtime
  •  Sleek design with a carrying strap
  •  Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  •  Front and back facing tweeters
  •  Strong subwoofer with D-class amplifiers and bass reflex system
  •  IPX4-rated waterproof
  •  80 dB sound pressure
  •  Currently sells for $190
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Besides its outrageously cool design, it is one of the most durable and rugged speakers on the market…

DemerBox review, specifications, statistics

DemerBox is an exclusive portable speaker both in its design and its performances. Besides its outrageously cool design, it is one of the most durable and rugged speakers on the market, and it’s proven by its popularity and its price that rarely ever declines. It currently sells for around $350, which is in the luxury class for sure but so are its features and specifications. However, given its case-like design, besides being a portable speaker, this unit can also serve as a dry carrying case for various valuables like wallets, Smartphones, and such.

Firstly, DemerBox is completely waterproof and adapted for even the harshest outdoor conditions. This includes two of its loudspeakers, with strong bass and clear sound. It is equipped with a 40+ hour working battery which recharges via its USB port. The speaker connects with the 3.5mm jack or aux cable, and Bluetooth that is certified for up to 100ft range.

  •  Currently sells for around $350
  •  The most durable, rugged, and resistant portable speaker set on the market
  •  The inside of the case can also be used as storage space
  •  Loudspeakers, strong bass, clear sound
  •  40+ hours battery (USB charge)
  •  3.5mm jack and aux port
  •  Bluetooth connectivity (Up to 100ft range)
  •  Comes in various colors and sizes
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Sony SRS-XB21

This speaker comes in several variations, but they all carry with them the 3D sound experience…

Sony SRS-XB21 review, specifications, statistics

Sony SRS-XB21 wireless portable speaker comes from the renowned manufacturer that has delved into all branches of technology electronics for several decades now, and they’ve successfully established their speaker line in the ‘90s. This speaker comes in several variations, but they all carry with them the 3D sound experience, which is incredibly rare at this price range and this outdoor speaker class. It is waterproof and dustproof with IP67 certification for design.

The battery lasts up to 12 hours and the speaker can work with up to 99 more of the same models in sync. It is easy to carry and very durable and is definitely going to get the money’s worth. It currently sells for as low as $70 bucks, and it is a pretty decent portable speaker for a bargain. Sony SRS-XB21 connects via Bluetooth, but it also has 3.5mm jack, USB and audio optical port.

  • Very affordable, current price around $70
  •  Up to 12-hour rechargeable battery (via USB)
  •  3.5mm jack, optical, Bluetooth
  •  Durable design
  •  Waterproof and dustproof
  •  3D sound capability
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how to pick them?

Our criteria for picking the best speakers for mobile gaming:

Audio power

Portable speakers are usually required to be loud and to satisfy the basic sound qualities, for people who play music on them outdoors. However, playing mobile games is somewhat more demanding than that, and the sound needs to be clear, even at around 80% of volume or higher. Also, if possible, the speaker set selected needs to be capable of positional audio, although no speaker can do this better than a good set of headphones. That said, some stereo speakers are capable of providing positional audio and it is why we’ve included them into this list.


Talking about positional audio, having stereo speakers or a larger speaker with a single body will make the sound better and enable positional audio, but it will also make it less portable-friendly. This is why we’ve included a bit of both. Some choices are easy to carry and quite portable, but can’t provide positional audio. Other choices, like both of the Edifier models, have excellent sound and positional audio but are mainly intended to be used at home.


Having Bluetooth connection is paramount, for even if a speaker is intended to be used at home, i.e. stationary, it is at least good that you are free with your mobile device so you can sit anywhere and position yourself in the way that suits you the most. Besides Bluetooth, most of the models also have the 3.5mm jack which is always good to have, they have a USB port which is used for charging and to connect them to PC, and some even have AUX and SUB out, so you can connect them with additional audio outputs.


In this list, we did not give that much regard to the price of the unit, but we did strive to choose those that bring the best possible value for their price, however affordable or otherwise. Some speakers go over $400, some are bellow $100. There is something for every pocket. Purchasing something for more money in any market does not necessarily mean it is better. This is why we’ve strived to make each choice abide by our every criteria.


Design and build were also very important in choosing the best speakers for mobile gaming. If a speaker’s portability is high, meaning it will be used on the go more often, it was very important for it to have high durability and strong, sturdy build. This meant that the design also needed to be more in favor of longevity, but it also meant that the model has to be waterproof, dustproof, and resistant to the elements to a high degree. Contrary to this, if the selected model was intended for use at home, we’ve strived to include speakers with wood finish and similar stuff that will make the sound richer.

All images on this page are taken from official websites, linked at the start of the page. By using an affiliate link in this article to purchase thees or any other products within 24 hours of clicking on a link, you are helping the BMG team to continue doing what we do best. Thank you!