Saturday, February 23



Puzzles games as a genre are oversaturated on the mobile games market, a huge amount of mobile developers have made them and not many have really tried to change the concept much, that’s where Monument Valley comes in and does something different.


In this 3d puzzle game, you play as the silent princess, Ida, on her way through weird lands and interesting sights, your main way of interaction is with the environment, you can rotate the perspective so that your character can move in ways otherwise not seen, the game focuses on doing perspective optical illusions where parts that may not seem to be able to connect in the 3d world can in this game, if you ever played FEZ this game will be right up your alley.

There are ten levels altogether, with each one continuing the storyline of the game and opening up new passages into the rich and mysterious world. The atmosphere is where the game truly does shine with the game consistently putting you into new situations, each one more fascinating and intriguing than the last. It is a rare mobile game where you get a lot by putting on your earbuds or headphones while playing it, the sounds truly do add quite a bit to the experience and put you into this mystical world.


But even so this game has some downfalls that cannot be ignored, if you are a puzzle game enthusiast this game won’t challenge you at all, the puzzles are very simple, so much that you won’t have any trouble beating this game and finishing all the stages on the first try.

The game doesn’t have much replayability, it’s one of those games where once you’ve finished it there aren’t many reasons to go back, sure you might want to replay the story to try to piece together what is going on but other than that the game doesn’t contain additional collectibles, secret levels or any type of additional content that will make you come back again. Now that wouldn’t be a problem for most games, however, this game isn’t very long, you can beat it in one sitting with it only taking up to 2 hours.

With all this said, Monument Valley is a one of a kind experience of which mobile games market is desperately in need of, it tries something different and succeeds in bringing this concept to your phone, even with the comparatively expensive price tag it is still worth it for the games immensely good aspects.


You can get Monument Valley on Android or iOS for $4.00