Nintendo’s President wants to offer a wide variety of games to Switch players


Shuntaro says that Nintendo will continue to meet the diversity of the players’ preferences in terms of genres, themes, and styles. Nintendo’s library is to keep growing and Shuntaro also discussed first and third party content.

Regarding first-party, we were given a graph with the upcoming games and their respective expected release dates, but Nintendo’s president Shuntaro also mentioned some titles not heard before. His statement that sums it all up is as follows:

“As you can see, we will constantly release new titles during the fiscal year ahead. And there are still more titles that we haven’t yet discussed. We intend to continue to expand the lineup of software that can be enjoyed by consumers around the world and that will keep people playing Nintendo Switch.”

Third-party content and offerings will also be richer and more diverse, as Shuntaro promises, and Switch is to give smaller publishers a chance. Shuntaro also said:

“We are also bringing an even richer variety of new titles from other software publishers as we enter the third year of Nintendo Switch. What you see here is just a sample. These will range from evergreen titles for video game fans to titles that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or gender, characteristic titles created by indie developers, a variety of genre-specific games, and more. By bringing them together, the Nintendo Switch library will continue to meet consumers’ diverse tastes.

Many publishers are developing titles for Nintendo Switch because it has met our expectations of widespread adoption and because we made our development environment available from the very beginning. The number of Nintendo Switch development kits shipped to publishers continues to greatly exceed the number of kits for any of our previous platforms, and many developers are creating titles for Nintendo Switch.”