Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 – Push Start for Blood and Gore

Mortal Kombaaaaaaaaaaat! Eleven! We finally got a release date, a community event, and a pre-order incentive – Shao Kahn. But, wait…isn’t Shao Kahn dead? He was finally killed in MK9, what is he doing back now? And, as a preorder bonus too… Well, these few things we have been presented with might be a hint at a bigger picture and might pave the way for a new character, teased in the new trailer. So far, there’s only been speculation about what the story might be, so let’s analyze what we know about Mortal Kombat 11.

Trailer Break Down – The Blood…it’s beautiful!

We see that we are back at Shang Tsun’s island, where MK9 tournament took place. But, the time setting seems to take us well into the future, which is suspiciously connected to the giant hourglass and a mysterious new character we still know nothing about. There’s been talk about a timeline bending story plot before at the MK11 press release, and now we see an hourglass, and two different versions of Scorpion. Everything seems to indicate that the story will be including different timelines and MK releases, similarly like Trilogy did back in the ‘90s.

The evil, red lightning and glow in Raiden’s eyes, however, is a direct consequence of the happenings in the past MKX. Raiden has finally had enough with playing and is no longer Mr. Nice Thunder God.

Both Raiden and Scorpion display a keen usage of various weapons in the trailer, with the first Scorpion using standard ninja weapons, twin kodachi blades, and his signature spear. The other Scorpion that appears towards the end of the trailer looks more like he’s from MK3 or MK Trilogy and bursts into flames, performing a forward dash which kills the Thunder God.

Raiden also uses his signature modes, like the Electric Fly, but he also materializes a weapon from the red lightning and ends his ensemble by blowing Scorpion’s head up.

Mortal Kombat 11

Who is the Time Meddler?

The character stands with her back turned and gently strokes the hourglass. Yes, even though she’s bald she does appear to be a woman. There is a theory that she has been introduced before. In Jade’s ending of MK9, a ‘shimmering’ woman, who is an observer and has watched over the realms for an infinity, warns Jade that the death of Shao Kahn must be reimagined. She then possesses her body.

This might explain why Jade wasn’t in MKX at all and why Shao Kahn is here. So, it might not just be a marketing stunt.

Guide to Pre-order Bonuses

So far, we are presented with two versions, the standard and the premium edition. Preordering the standard edition for Xbox or PS4 unlocks Shao Kahn and gives you beta access in March.

Premium edition will unlock the same bonuses as the standard, but will also award a bonus pack which contains early access to more characters, skins, content, and more.

Amazing Mortal Kombat 11

What can we expect then?

The overall impressions worldwide are good and warm, warm as the blood spraying in the new trailer. We’ve seen all fan favorite, old-school characters, and this new mysterious bald woman. The usage of weapons and signature moves seems to be Netherrealm Studios’ way of saying ‘Don’t worry, we know what you like!’. And, we can expect blood, blood, blood, and some more blood. A nice touch was the Hip Hop track while Raiden and Scorpion kick out the red jam. The Mortal Kombat 11 logo is also quite similar to the MK2 logo, so these might all be hints or just awesomeness at its best. We will see in April 2019.