Upcoming Game Motorball

Motorball – A mini Rocket League

If you are even remotely interested in mobile games, you probably noticed the games like Alto’s Odyssey and TypeShift. The developer of those two titles, Noodlecake Games, announced a week ago they work on two brand new games for the mobile platforms during the KFG Showcase. Those games are Super Stickman Golf Blitz, the follow up to the Super Stickman Golf series, and Motorball.

Motorball is a fast-paced highly competitive game, very similar to the Rocket League. In fact, this game looks exactly like a 2D Isometric version of Rocket League. There are colorful cars, each sporting unique special skills, that drive around in a football field trying to score a goal in the midst of the chaos on the court. The older players might remember the Sensible Soccer franchise because this game has a similar visual component.

Deliberately or not, the upcoming anime-based movie Battle Angel Alita has the game of the same name as one of the story elements. Alita’s Motorball, though, is much more fierce and represents a combination of gladiatorial fighting and speed skating. We’ll see more about it in February when the movie is supposed to hit the cinema.


Now, back to the game. We still don’t have any information about a release date, nor any additional data except for the trailer. However, if you want to be kept informed about the Motorball, you can sign up for the newsletter at the game’s official site.

Noodlecake is known as the most powerful Canadian developer on the planet, which we’re not sure how much is impressive, but we’re sure their previous games were amazing, award reaping phenomena. Considering that, we’re having a lot of confidence in both Motorball and Super Stickman Golf Blitz, and we can’t wait to put our hands on them.