Motorola One Pro - What we know

Motorola One Pro – what we know so far

Motorola One Pro/Zoom just had a few leaks regarding its features, and the camera is awesome! Firstly, it seems like the device will actually launch under the name Zoom rather than Pro. Secondly, the name Zoom is probably tied to the upcoming device’s four-camera capabilities. Yup, there will be four cameras alright…

According to many tech aficionado online sources, Motorola One Zoom is coming to us with a 48MP main camera sensor. Now, much like OnePlus 7 Pro, it is said that this unit will use a method of combining four pixels into a single one to achieve improved coloring and lighting, among other things. A more detailed explanation of how this works is that One Zoom’s photos, which will primarily be in the 12MP quality range, will be tweaked by other sensors.

One helping sensor, for instance, will be capable of a 117-degree wide field of view shot, which is rumored to be called ‘Action Cam’. The other is the telephoto lens, which will be capable of a 5x zoom, which is where the unit gets its name and Motorola is said to have labeled this as “Hybrid Zoom”. This is also achieved by utilizing multiple lenses. The actual hardware on this device won’t be able to go more than 2 or 3 times zoom, but the device will add more data to the photo by combining multiple lenses and get a 5x zoom images.

And, lastly, the upcoming Smartphone will have a 5MP depth sensor which will improve shots in portrait mode. It is expected that Motorola One Zoom will appear in IFA soon, with its full features disclosed. The price is speculated to go under $500 for one of the variants, much to everyone’s delight.