Motorola Razr Coming in November

Motorola Razr 2019 launching this November?

Motorola Razr 2019 Foldable Phone release date may happen in November, according to online sources. Mainly, the manufacturer has sent invites for a big event that will happen in Los Angeles, California, on November 13 this year, and everybody is speculating that releasing their new Smartphone is the occasion. Motorola, owned by Lenovo, is thus far keeping things tightly lit so things are still unconfirmed, but one thing is for certain – it is going to be a foldable Smartphone “unlike any other”.

Motorola Razr Foldable Concept

These words “An original unlike any other” are said to be contained inside the invitation, which many interpret as a hint for the upcoming Smartphone. Motorola’s comeback to the market with a foldable device has been announced and anticipated for some time now and even its name, Razr 2019, is as of now a speculation. It is expected that this will now only big a comeback in style, but a direct competition for phones like Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.

Motorola VP has confirmed the launch of an upcoming foldable Smartphone device earlier this year, but they did not give any time frame or any reference as to which part of the development they are currently at. Furthermore, even now we don’t have any specifications officially confirmed about the upcoming phone and even the relation to the iconic Razr brand, famous for clamshell phones back in the day, is not official.

Motorola Razr Concept

To make matters more intriguing, the invites sent by the manufacturer seem to be intentionally shady and only offer hints. Reportedly, Motorola invites contain a GIF that shows a Smartphone being folded and unfolded. Naturally, people are immediately assuming it’s the reinvented iconic phone and that its designation will go something like Motorola Razr 2019. The message contains the previously quoted message “An original unlike any other” and sources say it also writes “You’re going to flip”, though that last part is entirely unconfirmed.

The company has hinted in the last few months that they are planning something big and that their approach will be entirely different that what Huawei, Samsung, and other leading brands today are doing. Dan Dery, the VP of Global Product for the company, said:

“We started to work on foldables a long time ago. And we have been doing a lot of iteration.”

Lenovo Foldable Concept

Whether or not Motorola Razr 2019 foldable Smartphone is really launching on November 13 this year or not, we still don’t know. But, we have less than four weeks to that date, so it won’t be long before the world is satisfied. Some of the other rumors also put the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 SoC inside the foldable device, with 6GB of Ram and 128 GB storage, but no point in speculating when we only have our hopes up.