Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager Has Come To Switch

Motorsport Manager Nintendo Switch version was announced recently and it seems to be a part of the whole Nintendo tactical approach to winning over people i.e. gamers and dominating the market. The game was very well received by PC gamers, with reviews looking like this: Metacritic 81%, Eurogamer 3/5, and CgMagazine 8.5/10. As it is with all sports manager simulations, the players either love it or hate it.

Even before Motorsport Manager release date for the desktop was announced, iOS and Android users got the taste of it in 2014 and 2015, respectively. The iOS version got a 4.8-star rating in the App Store, out of 229 ratings, and overall quite positive comments.

The Android version currently has 4.7 stars on Google Play out of over 84K votes, so that’s saying enough.

Playsport Games Studio

The game bears Christian West’s signature, who is actually the director of the Playsport Games studio, which is comprised of about a dozen people or more, all solely dedicated to Motorsport Management games. It is a simulation sports management game which will in August celebrate its 5th anniversary, so that means it has endured the test of time, at least in the short term. This is why Nintendo is bringing in to Switch, and Motorsport Manager will be its first sports manager game.

Motorsport Manager Nintendo Switch Release Date: March 14, 2019

This game was developed with mobile play in mind, which is one thing every critic agrees on. The setting of the User Interface will tell you that much. On a mobile version, you start the game by taking charge of a motorsport racing team. You choose the name, colors, etc… However, the PC version had the option of joining a fictional team, which we can’t be sure will be included. Since Sega had its hand in porting the game to macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows, it is likely this feature won’t be included.

The desktop version significantly expanded the game’s mechanics, comparing to the mobile version, which opened up the previously tight hardware constraints mobile devices naturally possess.

Since Nintendo Switch is much more powerful, we could easily see a version of the game much more similar to this one adapted by Sega.

Why not Motorsport Manager Mobile 2?

The first installation had much success and on July 13, 2017, and Playsport Games naturally attempted at a sequel, which was also well received by the players, although it was deemed ‘more technical’ than the first one. Some players welcomed the improvement, some perhaps did not. It had much more settings than the first one, increased graphics and the ability for players to control the car parts design, extra tire compounds, engine modes, and much more. However, the overall experience and the atmosphere of the game was somewhat different and that’s what many dedicated gamers found most lacking.

Out on March 14th, 2019

It remains to be seen how Nintendo will play out on this inclusion. They definitely are smart to bring the manager simulation racing game to switch, since it will undoubtedly attract a whole new group of people. Motorsport Manager Mobile Switch version release date is set for March 14th, 2019.