Mr Bean Special Delivery

Almost 30 years since the first time he debuted on our small screens, the wacky and unconventional Mr Bean is one of those tremendously original and iconic characters of British comedy television – and he still needs no special introduction to this day.  However, his trusty car, the British Leyland Mini 1000, which was a central prop in many of Mr Bean’s most hilarious sketches, is almost as recognizable as its eccentric owner. Mr Bean Special Delivery by developer Good Catch, the latest game dedicated to the antics of this lovable man-child, will see this dynamic duo reunited in Bean’s perhaps greatest adventure yet, because if you think that Bean is a bit of a loose cannon on his own, just imagine how much damage he can make behind the steering wheel of his car.

Now, if you assumed that Mr Bean Special Delivery is some sort of a cartoonish version of Destruction Derby you can relax right now – the game is delightfully pacifistic and carefree, just as it becomes Mr Bean himself. This time Mr Bean actually had a half-decent idea and it’s up to you to help him make the best of it. Inspired by a wrong delivery that ended up right at his front porch, Mr Bean decided to start his very own delivery service and show the rest of the world how it’s done. He’ll begin by delivering packages to the people of his neighborhood (starting from his girlfriend Irma Gobb, Mrs. Wicket and others), but quite soon Mr Bean will prove that no distance is too great for him, his famed citron green car – and his best pal Teddy, of course.

The gameplay is very simple: Mr Bean will drive his car with a heap of different parcels precariously placed on the top of his car. Your goal is to help him make his delivery on time without losing any of the packages, or at least to minimize his loses. Since due to different elevations of the terrain some sections of the road are trickier than others, you’ll have to regulate the speed of Mr Bean’s car by tapping on the gas pedal or on the breaks. After each successful delivery, Mr Bean will be rewarded with a certain amount of money, which you’ll be able to use to upgrade his car with different parts or various stylish cosmetic additions. Of course, the game is presented in colorful and appealing visual style that’s well known from the Mr Bean animated TV series and which will ensure that each level is pleasing to the senses, as it is amusing. The game will appear on Android and iOS. It’s currently in the soft launch phase in Philippines, Pakistan, and Malaysia, while the rest of the world will be able to enjoy Mr Bean’s wild frolics later this year.