MSF update

MSF 2.3.0 Update is finally released!

Long expected, 2.3.0 Update, was released yesterday after several announcements. MSF community eagerly awaited for the update but at the end, we got almost nothing. Three new heroes were announced – War Machine, Carnage and Mantis but only War Machine appeared in our roster which means that we will have to wait for Mantis and Carnage much more than we expected. FoxNext also announced great changes for Guardians but only Groot is considerably boosted while Gamora and Drax got only the ability to chain to more targets with 100% success. Blitz changes are only cosmetical and we can now see the statistics of the opposite team and our Tier progress, while Blitz mechanics remained the same. Here is the list of all changes:

MSF Update InfoI don’t know about you but I expected more from this update …

War Machine is a new Avenger Blaster who will enter into a fray through War Machine Event. This character is a pure damage-dealer whose full potential should be seen in upcoming (this year I hope) Alliance War. All of his skills are AOE based and his ultimate is very powerful if he is in a team with other HERO characters. Only Crossbones has higher ultimate’s AOE damage potential than War Machine. However, other than that War Machine is an average Hero at best, and he will not bring balance changes to the game. War Machine’s price is 45 shards and he will be available through “War Machine Event Campaign” and various offers.

War Machine

BlueMoonGame will continue to feature all things about Marvel Strike Force and we will be up to date with our content. All new Heroes will be in our MSF Heroes page and will be implemented in our Tier Lists and Best Team Tier Lists. If you have any question or suggestion be free to share your thoughts with us. BlueMoonGame welcomes any feedback from the community!

Everything you need to know about War Machine can be found HERE.


Good luck and may the God of RNG be with you!