MSF 2.4 Update – “The end of the Brotherhood Reign”

On Thursday, February 21, MSF 2.4 Update became available for all platforms. This long-expected update brought us everything we wanted except the main thing – Alliance War is postponed once again. I don’t know about you but I slowly began to think that I will not see Alliance War during my life and I am very unhappy because of that. Nevertheless, 2.4 Update fulfilled some promises FoxNext gave us – we got 2 incredible new Heroes and Ronan along with the rest of the Kree is finally worth our time. As a matter of fact, the Kree team is probably the strongest team at the moment and this team should easily beat the Brotherhood of Mutants in PvP. In order to prove my statement, I must first talk about new Heroes introduced in this update.

Seven days ago, when BlueMoonGame announced 2.4 Update, I informed you about Minn-Erva and her skills. She is a Kree Support who can steal Health from enemies and redistribute it to allies while inflicting Bleed to all enemies and applying Regeneration to allies. She can also revive fallen allies and heal her team whenever an enemy dies. Like all Kree, she can generate additional ability energy for Kree allies allowing Ronan to use his passive and heal them. She should replace Kree Oracle in Kree Raid team and with her, you will have a team capable to slice through nods without using healing packs. It is true that Minn-Erva’s influence in PvP will not be great but she could be very useful for Blitz as well. Kree Commandos Event Campaign (where you will be able to obtain Minn-Erva’s shards) starts on February 26, and I strongly suggest that you do everything in your power to open her.


Captain Marvel is the second Hero FoxNext presented us in this update. Captain Marvel is simply amazing and she fulfills all criteria to be a God Tier Hero. She has insane damage, she can clear both buffs and debuffs, she is one of the fastest Heroes in the game, she can heal herself and above all that she has the ability to strike all opponents at the end of turn while she is in Binary Form. Binary Form increases Captain Marvel damage, armor, focus and resistance for a significant amount. With Captain Marvel, FoxNext also introduced a new trait – Military. Currently aside from Captain Marvel, there are 3 more heroes with the Military trait – Captain America, War Machine and Winter Soldier. It is important to say that Captain Marvel gains 1 charge per Military Hero and that means that her Binary Form can last 4 turns at the beginning of combat if she is in a team with other Military Heroes, which is incredible. That also means that Captain Marvel is not usable only with the rest of the Kree but you can combine her with other heroes gaining almost the same advantage.

marvel-strike-force-hero-captain-marvelThis brings us to my earlier statement that the Kree team will end Brotherhood of Mutants domination in the Arena. After careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that the team made of Ronan, Kree Royal Guard, Kree Cyborg, Kree Noble, and Captain Marvel will be able to regularly beat Brotherhood of Mutants team. This still can’t be proved in practice but in theory, a fight should look like this: After initial mass blind from Magneto, Captain Marvel uses her ultimate to clear Blind and to assassinate Pyro. She will make 800% of her base damage (640% base damage+25% overall damage) on him and if that doesn’t kill Pyro immediately, he will be killed at the end of turn by her AOE. After that Mystique will cast her ultimate. Possible and logic targets are Ronan, Kree Noble, and Kree Royal Guard. After that Kree Royal Guard uses his Taunt and applies Defense Up on all his allies. Then play Pyro (if alive) and Sabretooth and they apply 3 Bleeds on the entire Kree team. Keep in mind that at this point entire Kree team has highly increased resistance. In the worst scenario before Ronan’s turn, everybody on the Kree team will have at least 3 negative effects. Ronan will cleanse 1 Bleed and Blind and summon 2 Kree allies. Kree Noble has two solutions – to finish off Pyro or to target Magneto. Kree Noble will be assisted by Kree Cyborg or Captain Marvel. The damage potential of Kree Noble Special is incredible so she should target Magneto in order that Kree Cyborg finishes him after that. If everything happens in the way I predicted at the beginning of the second turn on the battlefield we will have the entire Kree team with one badly injured character and with 1 Bleed. On the other side, there will be just 3 members of Brotherhood with almost full health. At this point, Brotherhood can’t do anything except to lose the battle. This is only the prediction since I can’t use Captain Marvel yet but I am pretty sure that I am not wrong. Anyway, if all this is just a bad predicament and if I failed to foresee the real outcome of the battle between Kree and Brotherhood one thing is certain – the Kree team will be irreplaceable for raids in any case so you should collect them as soon as possible. All Kree members are easy to farm and if you don’t have them yet you should start to farm them immediately.

In the end, I should mention that Magneto also got some minor changes to his passive ability and that new Ultimus 7 Raid is about to be released. The release date of Alliance War is still a mystery but at the loading screen, we can see 2 Helicarriers shooting at each other which is promising if you ask me.

BlueMoonGame will release MSF Tier Lists and MSF Best Team Tier list in a few days because we want to make those lists as much accurate as possible considering all changes in this update. The special post will be written for that occasion and you will be informed immediately upon release.

All changes on Kree minions, Ronan, and Magneto you can find on our MSF Heroes page.

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