MSF Raid 5

How to use builder

Welcome to MSF Raid Maps. This application is meant to be your tool for creating routes and strategy for Raids in Marvel Strike Force. Using this application is very simple. First you need to select desired Raid by choosing it on the list on top left (list is next to the HELP button). All existing Raids are implemented and before assigning players you can see enemies and rewards in each Node of the selected Raid. It is important to learn the difficulty of nodes in order to make the best possible strategy. When you get to know the content of all nodes it is time to assign players to desired routes. First you need to select the player (list next to the Raid list on the top left) and then you need to manually select node by node in a wanted direction. Each player has a different route color and maximally 4 players can use the same route. If you want to see the content of nodes again simply deselect the player by clicking on “Choose Player” and you will be able to see enemies in each node. Your progress in choosing routes is saved automatically but if you are not satisfied with existing decisions you have to select a desired player and to manually erase the route by clicking on nodes again. When you assign all players to their routes you can save the image of the Raid Map with Player’s Routes and share it with members of your alliance or with the rest of the community.