Marvel Strike Force Tier list

How to use builder

MSF Tier List Builder is an application which allows you to make your own Marvel Strike Force Tier List. There are 5 different tiers in the builder where Tier 1 is the best Tier and Tier 5 is the worst. When you choose a Tier (for example Tier 1) you need to put desired Heroes in it by clicking on Heroes. When you click on a Hero, he will be immediately placed in selected Tier and he will not be available anymore on the Hero List. The selected Tier is colored in the yellow. When you are done with selected Tier you can close it by clicking on it again and all Heroes that you have selected will be saved. We recommend closing a Tier because visually it will be much easier when it comes to placing Heroes to a different Tier. The closed Tier can be opened again by simply clicking on it whenever you want. You can filter all Heroes by their traits and roles by clicking on the top right label. When you put all heroes in desired Tiers you can enter your nickname (at the bottom of the page) and submit your list which will be saved and ready for sharing. You will be able to share your list on all social media networks where you will receive a feedback regarding the list you made. Have fun!

Only alphabetic and numeric characters are allowed. Max number of characters is 20.