My Coloring 3D Pixel Art Diorama Review

My Coloring: 3D Pixel Art Diorama Review

My Coloring: 3D Pixel Art Diorama is a functional app in the puzzle genre, aimed at somewhat younger audiences. It is supposed to provide fun gameplay, while also letting the younger audiences get a sense of space, shapes, geometry, as well as color. The game is in this respect perhaps also in the Family category and it can be a useful tool for preschoolers and your young ones to get them to have fun and also spark up that creativity. If viewed as an educational tool, this game certainly shines a totally different perspective with its gameplay, and here is what it’s all about.

Development and reception

This title is offered by Buff Studio Co., Ltd. They are behind such titles as My Oasis, Buff Knight Advanced, Galaxxy Idols: Dress UP and Runway, and others. The studio certainly prefers simulation, puzzle, and casual titles as this one is also somewhat aimed at education. All their titles are predominantly aimed at younger audiences. On Google Play, My Coloring: 3D Pixel Art Diorama Android has an overly positive score of 4.2 stars from over 1.2k votes, while thus far there is no iOS version announced.

My Coloring 3D Pixel Art Diorama


There are several main easily grasped controls we need to use to get this thing going. And, those are mainly tied to positioning of the coloring items. It appears this app is meant to be used with hands-free and the device either placed on a flat surface or in a Smartphone holder, for many of the functions demand two fingers, and those can’t be thumbs, trust us we tried. Swiping the screen with both fingers away from each other will zoom the object in, while doing it towards will zoom out. To drag the object, you also put both fingers on the screen and then move them in a synchronized fashion in the direction you wish to move your object to.

Rotating the object is somewhat easier and requires just a swipe of one finger to the desired direction, and other functions like selecting the color and coloring, and all done with a single finger tap and swipe or drag.

My Coloring 3D Pixel Art Diorama

The objects which the user needs to color are all divided into 3D cubes in a 3D environment, which makes all the important difference when this game is compared to some other coloring apps. It is aimed at getting the younger audience find that sense of space and coordination, besides shape and color. The objects are thus somewhat pixel-styled and look like toys or Legos, which is probably a good thing when children are using it.

However, as the game app progresses the objects and the “painting” gets more complex and soon the user will be presented with not one object, but an entire setup with various shapes and sizes, all with numerous coloring fields or “pixels”, and all in a very nicely presented 3D environment.

Appearance and graphics

Since visuals are the main factor in this game, it was the sole focus in development for sure. The objects and the entire visual setup is nicely rendered and the toy-like models are quite comprehensive. This probably presents a good thing if the educational purposes of younger audiences are your set goal. The lighting and coloring are all quite basic and the game is in that respect not heavy on the eyes, sort to speak, although it can get a bit too bright at times.

My Coloring 3D Pixel Art Diorama


If you are looking for an app that will get your children and young ones entertained and immersed, while also giving them a constructive assignment to do, My Coloring: 3D Pixel Art Diorama offers that and more. It will make geometry and space orientation easy, enabling the youth to grasp such things more easily than when presented photos and pictures in school. It can be a great learning tool and it is also a fine pastime. Parents can use this one to their advantage quite successfully!