My Talking Tom 2 Tips and Tricks – Purr like a Kitten, Roar like a Lion


As anyone who ever had anything to do with kittens and cats in general knows, it’s not an easy task to be a cat parent. Cats – all cats, including virtual ones – are complicated, for the lack of the better word, and talking Tom is no different. Under the guise of mellow and cuddly kitten hides a bundle of nearly untamable energy with a mind, habits, quirks and unique needs of his own. If you’ve already played this cute virtual pet simulation game, then I haven’t told you anything new, because you by now know all about the difficulties you’ll face while bringing up this in equal parts endearing and bratty virtual kitten. If you haven’t tried it yet, but you intend to, you should know that My Talking Tom 2 is more about than just shoving the food down his throat when he’s hungry, sending him to bed when he threatens to dislocate his jaw by yawning and smacking him when he misbehaves. If you want to be successful in this cat parenting venture, you have to gather your wits and prepare to invest certain time and effort in his feline schooling. My Talking Tom 2 may be a casual game, but you’ll still have to try your best to cater to his basic needs. But, don’t worry, the time you’ll invest in him will pay off and Talking Tom will return your affection tenfold. These are our tips and tricks that should show you the ropes of successful virtual cat parenting. Get ready for a very enjoyable time and don’t worry – if something goes wrong, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

my talking tom

Show Tom your love

It might sound like we’re stating the obvious things, but only loved kitten is a happy kitten, and when all is said and done your greatest task as a cat parent is to keep Tom happy. Now, if you want to truly understand your adopted tabby, you have to learn how to read his moods. Thankfully, that’s not so difficult, because Tom himself won’t hesitate to show you what he wants, so you’ll certainly notice when he starts feeling a little bit neglected and depressed. In addition, to make everything even more explicit, the developers had introduced a number of icons (placed at the bottom of the screen) such as those for hunger, sleeping, hygiene and other related to Tom’s fundamental needs. The first of them (which just shows how it’s important) is the smiley icon that shows the level of his content or discontent. When you notice that it enters in the red zone, you’ll know that you’ve probably neglected him long enough. There are a bunch of ways to make it up to him and you’ll access them by tapping the smiley icon. When you do, you and your favorite kitten ward will be transported to the main yard, where you’ll get to pick between a plethora of various activities, from different toys which would brighten up even the most sullen of felines, to a choice of engaging and fun mini-games. Of course, never underestimate the power of simple petting – all animals love it, and especially kittens are partial to it. That’s why you should gently stroke his tummy or just pick him up and carry him around a bit, and he’ll become happy and content again.

my talking tom

Apple a day keeps the doctor at bay

One thing is certain: after all that playing and running around, Tom is bound to get hungry pretty soon. Just as in our previous case, pay attention to the fork and knife (hunger) icon – when you see it become red it’s a high time to go into a kitchen for some well-deserved munchies. There you’ll find the food conveniently served on the table, so young Tom can immediately dig in. However, in the case you’re out of food, you’ll be forced to buy some, which you can do by tapping on the plus sign. Of course, just as in the real life, you should take care which food you’re buying and giving to Tom, because, as you know, not all foodstuff are equally nutritious and healthy. That’s why you should choose the grub which will satiate Tom more quickly. Now, how will you pay for Tom’s food? There are, actually, several ways to acquire food for your hungry feline. The first is by paying it with coins, the other is getting it “free of charge” if you watch add (which only proves the truth of the old “there’s no such thing as the free lunch” saying). Finally, you can go grocery shopping for Tom if you stock up on stars. How to get them, though? Simple – just take Tom for an airplane ride, pick up chests and, among the loot, there will also be stars. If you enjoy in this feeding game so much you can even give Tom a hunger potion, which will stimulate his appetite.

my talking tom

Cleanliness is next to godliness

This one is pretty much self-explanatory, right? Although cats are famous for their hygiene, the playful Tom may need some gentle incentive. All those sanitation thingies occur in the bathroom, so that’s your stop if you wish to ensure Tom’s health. There Tom can use the bathroom to relieve…his tension, so if you’re squeamish, just close the door and give him his privacy. After that, it’s time to give him a bath, so choose any soap you have and scrub, scrub, scrub. If you notice that Tom isn’t feeling all too well, check out the medicine cabinet, and after some experimenting, you’ll quickly pick up the right cure for his ailment.

It’s Sleeping time!

Ah, you know that time when your feline friend finally curls up and goes to sleep, and you finally can have some time for yourself to chill and relax. Pure bliss! But, first, you have to do a number of things to ensure that Tom gets quality rest and wakes up energized and happy. Tap on the moon and stars icon and you’ll go to Tom’s bedroom where you can simply pick him up and place him into bed. Now, if you’re wondering why he still can’t manage to fall asleep, look around the room and find the culprit for that. The lamp! Perhaps you can sleep with your nightlight turned on, but Tom doesn’t have that ability. So before you leave him, be sure to turn off the lamp. Now, there’s another way to refill Tom’s energy if you aren’t prepared to deprive yourself of his company for a few hours – an energy potion. You can buy this instant bottled solution for coins, or (like anything else in this game) if you can manage watching an ad or two. In any case, know that, when you’re ending your Talking Tom session, it is best that you’ll leave him safely and comfortably tucked up in his bed to sleep. That way, he’ll always be fresh as a daisy and prepared to play with you.    

my talking tom

A couple things about flying and other necessities in modern-day cat’s life

By now you’ve already noticed that Tom isn’t your ordinary street alley tomcat. He can do a bunch of cool and unconventional (from cat’s perspective) stuff, like driving airplane for example. Of course, besides being the ultimate fun, your sky acrobatics have another purpose: thanks to them you can collect all the stars and other cool items you’ll need to buy food and other stuff for your cat. However, things are a bit more complicated than just entering your plain and taking off. In order to fly and collect all those goodies for your feline pet, you’ll need so-called Flight Tokens. How to acquire this all-important currency? One way is to play some of several mini-games available in My Talking Tom 2 and you’ll steadily accumulate them. The other way is even simpler: just level up as frequently as you can, and every time you do that you’ll earn a whole bunch of Flight Tokens.

Now, these were probably the most important tips and tricks we could share with you, the essentials of cat parenting if you will. However, My Talking Tom 2 hides even more cool things to do, so all you need to do is to play the game and you’ll certainly discover even more along the way. For instance, did you know that you can buy a number of potions which serve a very specific purpose? There’s a potion which makes Tom hungry (if you enjoy feeding him that much), refills his energy, satisfies his all needs and even shrinks him to kitten again. So, here’s one final tip: play My Talking Tom 2 as much as you can, and you’ll be rewarded with new exciting moments with your favorite virtual tabby.