He-Man Masters of the Universe anime series Netflix

Netflix is bringing He-Man back in form of Anime Series

Masters of the Universe: Revelation on Netflix is officially happening. While a joint effort by Mattell, the license owner, and Sony already has a live-action movie in the works set for 2021, now we get an anime series that is a direct sequel to the ‘80s TV animated show. And, perhaps the best part about it, it will be directed by our very own Mr. Kevin Smith, or Silent Bob as some know him better by.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon was and still is loved by virtually everyone who was born in the ‘80s, grew up in the ‘90s, and even by younger and older audiences alike. The fans know that it was developed by Filmation as a way to promote Mattel’s toy line of the same name. The original run had 65 episodes, while a re-imagined version was introduced in the ‘00s with a warm reception. There was also a live action movie starring s in 1987, but ever since the 2002 animated TV series, we’ve had nothing.

Rumors spread here and there about a live action movie for the past decade or so, with even the pre-production being postponed indefinitely. And, now, after so many years of longing and re-watching old episodes, we get both the movie and the TV show. The movie will star Noah Centineo, a young actor how rose to prominence on the Disney Channel and Netflix. However, very little is known about the plot, while Netflix’s animated series is announced as a direct sequel to the ‘80s cartoon. Kevin Smith brought the good news at Power-Con, surprising and delighting everyone present with these words:

“I’m Eternia-ly grateful to Mattel TV and Netflix for entrusting me with not only the secrets of Grayskull, but also their entire Universe. In Revelation, we pick up right where the classic era left off to tell an epic tale of what may be the final battle between He-Man and Skeletor! Brought to life with the most metal character designs Powerhouse Animation can contain in the frame, this is the Masters of the Universe story you always wanted to see as a kid!” –Kevin Smith

Mr. John Derderian of Netflix added: “He-Man has inspired children—and the child inside of us all—for decades, with his feats of heroism and courage in the face of evil. We can think of no better creator for this show than Kevin Smith.”

The rest of the people thus far included in the Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation project are the writers Tim Sheridan (Reign of the Supermen), Eric Carrasco (Supergirl), Marc Bernardin (Alphas), and Diya Mishra (Magic the Gathering).