New AoV champion guide – Annette


Ever since Teemee’s release (the guide can be found in    HERE  this link).

Arena of Valor support scene has been dominated by the duo of Racoon twins, however, things are about to change as the new kid is in the town, Annette, the Diviner.

In the latest Arena of Valor update, we got the chance to play with Annette, a brand new support/mage champion and it is certain she will change the meta, it is not clear in which way but introducing such strong disengage and playmaking potential is sure to leave a mark. Annette’s abilities are strong and fun to play with, providing us with immense potential for support in form of potent damage, control, and disruption as well as a nice chunk of healing.
If you want to learn more about Annette, you can find a bunch of useful tips and tricks in our guide    HERE      and if you feel like adding something to the conversation we will be sure to hear your point and exchange our experiences with you. Comments below are open for everyone, and if you find our guide to be helpful, do share it with your friends, however, if you disagree with us on some points, we are welcoming whatever you got to say, constructive criticism is great but for starters, a regular conversation would be nice. Thanks for visiting Bluemoongame and hope you have fun with us.