New content and community features are coming to Skyturns

Skyturns has passed the 100k Android download mark just a few days after its release and is now getting new content and features to accommodate their fast growing community. The game is being referred to as the ‘hidden gem’ of Android games as it enjoys a high 4.5 star rating on Google Play and, as mentioned, is climbing the download count chart. Considering the fact that it all started as a one man project, which later grew into a team, the game’s success is considered massive and here’s a quick look at it:

Developed as a game with a high skill cap, the creators especially emphasize this title’s Flow and Mastery. As the trailer demonstrates, this game features a parkour-like gameplay where players navigate their character and compete against the level itself, conquering the environment and trying to reach the best possible time in a run. Mastering the environment and achieving what the developers called ‘Flow’ will make the character run at incredible speed, changing and improving the experience of this game, making it a highly rewarding choice. A mistake will make the character lose speed.

Also, Skyturns is in no way a linear experience and the players are free to take whatever path they think, or better said feel, is best. The levels themselves are designed not as an obstacle course, but more of a puzzle setting, however, mastering the gameplay mechanics and the levels themselves will enable the player to blaze through at incredible speeds, achieving the game’s intended rewarding experience.

Joakim Tall, the man who started this project, had this to say to all future players of his invention:

“We are looking to bring more features to the game such as level creator, leaderboards, and more runner outfits” says Joakim. We want players to be able to create their own levels and share them with the world. “I also want to point out that we have already released replay share functionality as well as running against your own ghost. Both very appreciated features.”

Mr. Joakim also emphasized that the goal is to create a living and thriving community of players, who love the game and participate in its evolution. Thus such a fast expansion of Skyturns was pushed by the developers, as they intend on spreading their free-to-play game much further. Joakim is especially proud that his game offers absolute equality for all players, with no in-game purchases or any exclusive content what so ever. The skill and the player’s enjoyment are at the sole focus of this title, with equality for all promised by the developers.