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Conquer the Space in New Game by Ankama Mobile – Cosmobot

Cosmobot is an iOS game developed by Ankama Mobile, a developer with an already interesting portfolio with Tactile Wars and Drag’n Boom being its more prominent titles. In mid-August, Ankama soft-launched their newest game Cosmobot in chosen countries: Canada, Australia, and Singapore.    

In the future, human space travel has become very expensive and so they started sending drones instead. You play as the captain controlling the drones and have a perfect sidekick in Megan the mechanic.

The goal of Cosmobot is to take the drones as far into space as you can by using hyper-jumps. However, the further you go, the more dangerous it becomes so you will have to adapt your gameplay really fast. Pay attention to gravity since it can be a valuable resource or cause trouble by pulling the drones to crash on a planet.  

This is an arcade-type of the game with attractive graphics and a lot of sounds making it appear as though you are playing pinball. Indeed, the whole interface and interaction on the screen appear like a modified pinball game.

You can use the workshop to upgrade the drones but it will take some in-game coins you collected by leveling up. On the other hand, you gain power-ups when you complete a level and you can also use the mystery box.

This is a small but charming game that will be especially interesting to children because of the interface and flashy colors. However, this doesn’t mean adults can’t play it too. In truth, it reminded me a lot of the ‘80s and arcades, not only by the 2D gameplay but also by the gameplay. And this is not the only game this year that appeals to our nostalgia which makes me believe we should create a special genre for all of them.

Nonetheless, the game is fun and if you turn off the sounds you will be less annoyed when you make a mistake or fail on your mission. Just keep you drone fleet going and good luck in exploring the vastness of space.  

Conquer the Space



ust keep you drone fleet going and good luck in exploring the vastness of space.  

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