Alliance vs Empire Update Announced

New Major Update Launched for AxE: Alliance vs Empire

Since February when AxE: Alliance vs Empire became available for iOS and Android devices, the game justified the “next generation of MMORPGs for mobile” its developer Nexon made prior to its release. Now, the developer released a major update for the game which will add more character customization features as well as the introduction of mighty Wings.

Wings are intended for character personalization that could impact and enhance the strategies in the game which in turn would affect the battles and other parts of the gameplay. One of the things this update introduced is a new visual way to personalize characters. This feature will impact the strength of the character with new offensive and defensive abilities. But besides the Wings, the new update also includes new Ancient Ruins map which is an additional area for players to explore in the already rich game world.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire is set in the fantasy universe where two factions the Darkhaan Empire and the Galanos Alliance are at war. Darkhaan Empire fights for order and enforcement of laws while the Galanos Alliance wants self-governance. Both have the same goal in the end which is to control the world. Players must choose one of these factions from the beginning of the game and within the chosen side, they also must choose one of the three classes. The game offers a possibility for players to customize the characters to their play style with a wide array of weapons, armors, and abilities. During the game, players can explore open-world locations and meet all sorts of characters, but also encounter enemies. The gameplay also includes numerous quests which will bring additional equipment and powerful loot to the players that will help them level up.

So, as you can see, the newest update is quite important and brings great additions to the already riveting game. AxE: Alliance vs Empire is free to play title with over million installs and this number will only rise if one can conclude based on the fairly positive reviews. The game may not be perfect, but for a mobile title it offers what we love about MMORPGs the most, and that’s rich characterization and immersive story.