minecraft dungeons

New Minecraft Game Announced

Minecrafters, rejoice! Mojang announced a new Minecraft game coming 2019 to PC on this weekend’s Minecon Earth 2018 convention. The event took place on Saturday over streaming service and it was all about news and reveals, among which was the announcements of a new game heading our way.

Minecraft: Dungeons will be third spin-off game in the franchise and this one will give players a chance to crawl through the dungeons. It will have a single player and co-op modes in the party of up to 4 people and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Minecraft franchise started off in 2011 when the first sandbox game showed up designed by Markus Persson and then developed by Mojang. The whole project was secretly developed by the team from Stockholm, Sweden that has a great appreciation for dungeon crawlers.

This game will be an action-adventure game where players will always find new weapons and items while moving through dungeons that will help them fight against the antagonistic mobs.

“You’ll fight or flee through canyons, swamps and – of course – mines,” promises Tom Stone from Mojang.

minecraft dungeons

Based on the trailer, we do have a lot to look forward to. Namely, it seems that Minecraft changed its regard for weapons and armor. In the trailer, all four characters have different weapons and armor which presumably serve different purposes. In previous games, that was not the case. The weapon and armor system was more oriented towards the rarer materials. But here, we have magic, swords and other combinations that clearly show to players they can expect a new weapon and armor system.

The trailer also makes the game appear as a typical dungeon crawler with a party of four having different roles we are used to having in this genre like mage or tank. However, it’s a trailer and thus it can be developed more for show than to realistically portray what we can expect in the game.

And that is all the information available right now which is actually enough to make us all excited about the upcoming game. Mojang will certainly give us regular updates and even some glimpse of the gameplay in the future, and the moment we get anything about Minecraft: Dungeons, even if it were a rumor, you will be the first to know.