Path of Exile Trailer

New Path of Exile trailer is taking shots at Diablo Immortal

Path of Exile has a new trailer for its expansion Betrayal, and not only does it look fantastic, but it also brazenly addresses Blizzard’s latest failure presented in Diablo Immortal announcement. All the fuss about the latest Diablo game almost made the new Path of Exile expansion go under the radar, which would be a huge waste.

One thing to mention, this expansion is enormous. The content that comes with it is plentiful and it will give players dozens of hours of pure fun. This is the biggest addition developers put to this game aside of making a sequel.

In the Betrayal League, you will team up with Jun Ortoi in order to defeat the Immortal Syndicate. This Syndicate has four divisions, and each of them has its own objectives: Fortification, Transportation, Research and Intervention. There’s a Syndicate member in each area, but other members can show up to help their friends and sabotage their enemies.

After you complete your battle you must decide how to continue your investigation. You can bargain, execute, interrogate, or even make your enemies fight each other. Your ultimate goal is to gain information that will take you to the leaders of each division.

Path of Exile

There are other ways you can get the info except for defeating the enemy’s ranks. When you discover the enemies safe houses you can raise them and pillage their supplies in order to make them uncover there faces and show themselves. The final goal is to uncover the ultimate identity of the Immortal Syndicate’s mastermind. You can manipulate the Syndicate by putting certain members into positions that will be the most useful to your cause. This expansion has much other content such as master crafting that doesn’t require grinding master levels, or unified hideout system and new skills.

And of course, the trailer didn’t miss the opportunity to land a few jabs at Blizzard’s latest blunder with Diablo Immortal. The enemy faction is called Immortal Syndicate, which opened up the door for some interesting double entendre with the taglines.

Path of Exile: Betrayal will be available for the PlayStation 4 too, and it will hit the stores on December 7th.