New Pokemon Mobile Game

New Pokémon Mobile game is in development

According to the latest news, DeNA is working together with the Pokémon Co to bring us a new Pokémon mobile game. DeNA shared the info on their latest briefing about the investment and the partnership, as it was made clear that the two companies have all things sorted and are ready to go. The upcoming Pokémon mobile game release date has been roughly set for March 2020.

Nintendo and DeNA have worked together in the past on successful projects, like Miitomo, Pocket Camp, the acclaimed Fire Emblem Heroes, and the Super Mario Run. DeNA also reportedly participates on the upcoming Mario Kart Tour project, which is something we are all excited about no doubt.

According to credible reports, the reason why the announcement and confirmation of this joint venture were only released after reviewing the finances and investments was that the two companies had to agree on their expectations. So far, it is known that they all count on the revenue of the upcoming Pokémon game to cover for everything.

The title for the upcoming Pokémon mobile game is still not set, nor do we know which genre will it roughly follow. We are promised new information by various correspondent sources as soon as it becomes available, so stay tuned.