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New Switch accessories unveiled at E3 by Bionik

We’ve seen some pretty cool stuff at E3 2019 so far, like Keanu Reeves and the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer. Bionik, the innovative manufacturer of gaming accessories also had its own expose moment and has presented the world with the latest Nintendo Switch gaming accessories (Chat Mixer, Audio Sync, and others) as well as the controller for Android and PC.

Bionik’s E3 presentation was definitely hardware oriented but the manufacturer showed us the way it predicted and accommodated for the various needs players have or might have in the near future. Their E3 2019 also contained the fabled Falcon Controler with trigger locks and remappable button functions for Android and PC gamers.

Bionik’s full product line is awaiting E3 visitors on the West Hall Booth #4734 between Tue and Thu. The Bionik E3 2019 lineup with the reported prices is as follows:

Nintendo Switch Chat Mixer – MSRP $39.99

Bionik’s Chat Mixer for Switch is designed to provide the audio in-game chat for Nintendo Switch users. It functions as a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver, depending on the situation. Chat Mixer is integrated with Nintendo Switch Online App and enables users to hear and control the in-game voice chat.

Nintendo Switch BT Audio Sync – MSRP TBD

BT Audio Sync lets players use their wireless Bluetooth headphones while playing on Nintendo Switch. It provides a stable connection from a 32’ range and players can either dock in via USB or plug it directly into Switch. This also enables Nintendo Switch console charging with the BT Audio Sync. You can sync up to 2 pairs of headphones at any one time for local multiplayer gaming.

Nintendo Switch Power Commuter – MSRP TBD

The Power Commuter is a Switch carrying bag that keeps all of the ergonomic features of Bionik’s signature Commuter bag with an included 10,000 mAh battery. The Power Commuter is the ideal travel bag those you who wish to keep their Switch console, or any other USB Type-C device, charged on-the-go.

Falcon Controller for PC and Android – MSRP TBD

The Falcon Controller is Bionik’s solution for competitive gaming on PC and Android. Crafted for gamers, the Falcon is identified by its superior craftsmanship, high-quality components, trigger lock system, and its highly programmable rear paddles for the ultimate customization and comfort at an affordable price.

About Bionik

Bionik is a manufacturer of gaming accessories aimed at detecting, anticipating, and solving the most pressing problems and needs the players have today. They cover multiple platforms, like PC, Nintendo Switch, and Smartphones, and provide accessible prices. The aim is to increase the comfort and convenience of gaming and bring the entire industry into a more rounded-up state, constantly pushing the envelope with innovations.