Nintendo Switch New Model Announced

New Switch model with improved battery life announced

Nintendo Switch battery life just got significantly improved for its standard edition. This new revision of the Switch SKU model looks absolutely identical but according to the US and Japanese online sources, it will perform much better in terms of running time. The interior of the device was somewhat changed and it includes some hardware variations to achieve prolonged battery life, and it will be available for purchase in August.

The revised standard Switch SKU edition release date is set for August, or September in the UK, and the improved battery life increase is, according to Eurogamer, from an average 2.5 hours to 6.5 hours of running time, or from the current model’s 4.5 hours to a double 9 hours running time with this new version. In a practical sense, an example is given with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game, which runs about three hours on the current edition, while this improved battery edition is said to support over 5.5 hours of gameplay.

Eurogamer is the official online representative for Nintendo UK, and their statement is, of course, to be taken as an example, while the actual increase depends on the usage of course. The actual extra time depends on the software playing, its demand in terms of system, and the number of features the Switch device needs to support at a given time.

The cosmetic difference for the new model will only come for its updated package and its serial numbers start with –XKW. The serial for the current models all start with –XAW. This revision is meant as a silent update and improvement, although the gaming community has made a big deal out of it. Be that as it may, battery life is something that is always welcomed, especially with the high-end hand-held portable console like Switch.