EDGAR A Man and his trusty chicken

New trailer dropped for EDGAR: A Man & his trusty chicken

Edgar – Bokbok in Boulzac, an upcoming point-and-click adventure from French developed Le Poule Noire, just dropped a new trailer. The game is arriving to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam later this year, bringing its hand-drawn charm and attention-catching gameplay. The players will play as Edgar, an eccentric outcast, which sets off on a journey to Boulzac with the hopes of saving his beloved squash.


As the title suggests, the upcoming adventure is set in a quiet place called Boulzac, nicely depicted in a hand-drawn cartoonish style improved by modern-day tech, which is visible at first glance. Edgar is an outcast, who lives in the woods with his chicken and his crops, all of which he is greatly fond of. As an unforeseen disaster hits the forest, its tranquility is now no more while all chaos breaks lose.

Edgar’s warm corner of the Earth is also affected, to say the least, and many of his beloved things have been lost, including his chicken. Edgar bravely sets off to Boulzac, which is a big city, to find his squash. However, the chaotic megalopolis is not only different from the peaceful woods for its concrete and lights, but it also lies over a huge fire that has burned beneath its surface for the last 800 years.

EDGAR A Man and his trusty chicken

His initial quest, however, quickly turns out to be a much larger and more important adventure. As Edgar makes contact with the ‘civilized’ people he encounters a storm of misinformation and misunderstandings. This is what seems to be the pivotal plot point for the game, as this point-and-click adventure promises its own flavor of storytelling. Without any spoilers, the trailer suggests that Edgar’s fate quickly pits him against all odds, as much larger stakes are at play. Not only that, but he also faces everything civilization throws at him, including a grandma who loves playing video games, a fisherman with a taste for the explosive, and at night….things get even weirder as the plot begins to unfold.

Edgar – Bokbok in Boulzac is arriving on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch really soon, so you’ll just have to wait if you want to find just how deep the rabbit hole is, or if the chicken came before the egg…