Star Citizen New Trailer

New Trailer for Star Citizen Will Knock You Out

Star Citizen is one of those highly anticipated games that fans fell in love with thanks to promising trailers. The game developed by Cloud Imperium Games which was founded by Chris Roberts and Ortwin Freyermuth in 2010, is still in the making, although Alpha 3.2.0 was released in July this year, with 3.3.0 close coming to fans who are willing to let some bugs slide.

And a few days ago, we were knocked off our feet with a trailer for Squadron 42, a single-player campaign also belonging to the Star Citizen universe.

Planned for 2014 when Kickstarter campaign was active, Squadron 42 had to be postponed due to the expansion of gameplay. The game is developed by Foundry 42, a UK studio with Erin Roberts serving as supervisor. Brothers already worked together on Wing Commander series, Starlancer and Privateer 2: The Darkening.

The story of the Squadron 42 will center around an elite military unit and player will assume the role of a character who is enlisting in the United Empire of Earth Navy. And the campaign starts with a bang, literally since you are immediately thrown into a space battle. The game will be interactive and player’s actions can get them citizenship in the fictional United Empire of Earth and thus affect their status in the Star Citizen universe as well. But you don’t have to play one game in order to be able to play the other.

Star Citizen Game

Squadron 42 will include first-person shooter and space combat simulation, but also it will have a conversation system that will influence relationships with NPCs and in the optional cooperative multiplayer mode. The game will be released in chapters and the first one will offer around 20 hours of gameplay with 70 missions.

What developers call “spiritual successor to Wing Commander” has certainly got a lot of attention and mostly so because of all the actors gathered in one place. The cast includes Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight), Mark Hamill (Star Wars), Gillian Anderson (The X-Files), Mark Strong (Kingsman: The Secret Service ), Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones), Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings), John Rhys-Davis (Lord of the Rings), Ben Mendelsohn (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) and many others.

Star Citizen Space GameStar Citizen is still being crowdfunded, and the project already has $195 million pledged and that number will continue to grow. If you pledge $45 you will get access to the Star Citizen multiplayer universe, and with $65 you will get Squadron 42 as well, but this one is not available to play yet.

For now, you can play Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 by downloading it from the official website of Roberts Space Industries. The game offers a really thrilling idea of exploring space, interaction with various characters and doing everything you have to survive. There are more than 50 ships available to fly and you can also participate in raids or chase after the bounty.

Star Citizen Station

Star Citizen created a lot of controversies since the developers continued to collect funds even though they didn’t meet the deadlines. This made people question the developer’s ability to finish the game at all. Many were annoyed that the game wasn’t released in 2014 as promised by Chris Roberts in 2012, but rather the funding was prolonged further which earned them $65 million to that point. The game has a loyal and strong fan base, which gave it an impressive support over the years. In 2017, Alpha 3.0 was released to the satisfaction of everyone especially the backers and Cloud Imperium Games.

The trailer offers a lot to hope for and graphics look amazing. But what is more attractive when it comes to both games is the notion that you will be able to roam the universe which is a dream of many sci-fi fans out there. Or at least exchanging a few lines with Mark Hamill, even if he’s not playing Luke Skywalker here and wielding a lightsaber.