Hitman 2 Siberia

New trailer just dropped for Hitman 2 – Siberia

What can be cooler than Hitman 2 – Siberia? Literally, Agent 47 is sniping through the snow as he goes on a mission to the coldest populated reaches of Russia, the harshest climate areas on the planet, to kill a prison warden. But, this isn’t any ordinary prison warden and it’s not an ordinary prison as we soon find out, while a secondary target is a Ukranian kingpin, betrayed by the tattoos. This prison is called Perm-14 and it is the new Sniper Assassin map for the next sequel of the series.

This latest assignment for Agent 47 is titled Crime and Punishment, and it is taking him to Siberia, to Perm 14, whose warden is an ex KGB operative called Vitaly Reznikov. The other target is the Ukranian mobster Roman Khabko. The trailer doesn’t reveal much of the plot, but it appears the two targets are holding the prison together, through fear and violence. Agent 47’s mission is to take them out but to stay invisible, and he is to do so by starting a riot as a means of cover.

What the Hitman 2 – Siberia trailer does reveal are some new gameplay moments. The core mechanics are the same as in Hitman 2’s previous expansions, but this new content brings new Sniper Assassin challenges, new achievements, trophies, and a new riffle – Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic sniper! Now, gameplay footage in the trailer also shows some pretty hectic action, as the riot begins to spread. We see buildings burning, inmates naked outside at God knows how many degrees (celsius) below zero, and our Agent 47 stealthily waking about, taking care of his goals and getting closer to flushing out his two targets.

Both the warden and the mobster need to be taken out. There seems to be no ground support, and the player will again be left to their wits and their ability to manipulate the events inside the prison from the outside mostly. The Hitman 2 – Siberia trailer does show our hero inside the prison for a second, but still remaining detached from the riot and using it as a distraction no doubt.