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Soul of Eden

Soul of Eden will be a combination of CCG, real-time strategy, and auto battler, and it is coming soon…ish

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Currently available for pre-register, Soul of Eden is eagerly awaited by mobile gaming audiences because it is a rare occasion that a game attempts to improve and modernize the gameplay style Clash Royale popularized. Open beta gameplay showed that it has the potential not just to modernize it, but to bring it back in a big way and many community sources were delighted to try it out. While we are waiting for the release, here’s what might be in store for us…

This game is currently in the final stages of development, which is being handled by Rayark Games, a studio that is behind such titles as VOEZ, Cytus II, Sdorica-mirage-, Implosion – Never Lose Hope and more. This is the studio’s first jab at a mix of genres such as this, where we will have a little bit of the card game genre, a bit of strategy, real-time competitive gameplay, and more. They are yet to announce the Soul of Eden release date, but it is definitely near.

Soul of eden

The unique thing about this title is its combination of a real-time card strategy game with perhaps some tower defense elements, and even MOBA mechanics. Combat happens automatically, like in Clash Royale, while the players only place their units on the battlefield. Each player has its own Guardian, which is treated as the main building or core for all gameplay purposes. You attack the enemy’s Guardian and protect yours. Guardians have their own health pool and the battle is time-limited, with the clock set at 4 minutes in the basic gameplay mode.

Each participant also has a Soul Power pool which is expended by playing your cards, that all cost different Soul Power value. Cards summon units or cast abilities, while each Guardian type has its own special ability. Furthermore, each Guardian type represents a separate faction, and players build their own decks from the selected faction. There is a wide range of units to choose from, healers, ranged, melee, etc… While in combat, you can place units in a limited area, and they will move automatically towards the enemy Guardian, attacking enemy units that might stand in your way.

While the gameplay was not nearly finished, it earned some significant praise from the community, and it seems that Rayark Games has a winning combo on their hands. We don’t know if the COVIC-19 pandemic slowed down production, but we do hope that this game is coming soon, at least by the end of the year. When it does, we will notify you immediately!

Lord of Heroes

It is a turn-based strategy RPG, but without the GACHA mechanics. All characters will be 100% chance and the storyline will feel like you are reading a webtoon…

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Lord of Heroes release date was recently confirmed, after half a year since early gameplay footage was released and over a year since the game was announced. The publisher, CloverGames, promises that this is final and the game is arriving this fall, although they haven’t pinned a precise day or month. However, NAVER Webtoon page is already filled with posters from this game and pre-registration is underway, so it’s a couple of months away, no more. Just a reminder, it is coming for both Android and iOS.

Pre-register now open

On Google Play, Lord of Heroes Android is already uploaded and users can pre-register for the game easily, with a tap. It is set as a PEGI 7 title, offered by CloverGames, and within the Role Play genre. The last update was made on June 24, 2020, and as of now, it seems that the game will be asking for Android 6 or up. The iTunes App Store page for iOS devices is not yet uploaded at the time of this writing, so pre-registering will start a bit later over there.

CloverGames emphasizes the beautiful anime-style 3D graphics this game has already showcased in the gameplay footage that was published earlier this year. It will also have very advanced visual effects and it most certainly looks next-gen. However, what they also promise is an immersive story, told as if the players will be reading a web-toon. As far as the gameplay goes, Lord of Heroes is listed under RPG, but the publisher insists that this game is not a gacha title!

Lord of Heroes


Yup, the official description says that LoH won’t be another gacha game. It won’t have any of the gacha mechanics at all. All heroes i.e. characters in-game will be recruitable with a 100% chance. Of course, other mechanics, like the progression system, will be implemented and characters will be able to progress to 6 stars. As far as combat goes, it will use the strategy turn-based setting, where you compose a team within familiar hallmark gameplay mechanics.

The developers of the game also claim that this will not be a money-grubbing game and that the usual microtransactions will be toned down greatly, if not replaced entirely. The game will also be completely free-to-play and won’t have any paywalls or anything similar. However, the overseas version of this game, which is already dished out for the Asian market, does have the familiar monetization system, with top-ups and packs randing form $0.99 to $99.99.

However, it will be good to see a JRPG title that will step away from the gacha mechanics. No rerolling, no deleting and creating new accounts, and most importantly, no spending money to try our all in-game characters. As mentioned, pre-register is open for Android and it will arrive soon for iOS, so if you are interested in checking this game our once it comes out, go tap that button. Lor of Heroes releases this Fall, in a few months!


V4 is the next big MMORPG for mobiles that have just started pre-registration, with gift giveaways. The game is coming in a few months and it will be big!

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V4 mobile game is an upcoming real-time RPG. Now, you might wonder why one more game in that or any other genre is news-worthy? Well, if you take a look at the gameplay footage, which showcases around 3 minutes of open beta gameplay and how the game looks and feels, you will understand why. Nexon and Nat Games have decided to push the visual and gameplay boundaries of mobile games so far, that they are now virtually catching up PC and consoles. As always, people in Asia and the eastern market have had the privilege to play it a bit earlier, as the game is out there already, but it is soon coming here, and here’s what we know…

V4 release date for the Asian market was on November 7, 2019. That version of the game has a solid 3.6-star score on Asian Google Play, and similar on iOS. It is an open-world MMORPG which, as mentioned, pushes the boundaries in terms of visuals. This is the first obvious thing noticeable at a glance. This title contains such advanced next-gen graphics and animations, that it is even better looking than many PC games made in the past half-decade or so. But, the gameplay is equally important, and all gameplay footage shown so far clearly indicates that this title won’t be lacking in that department at all.

v4 mobile game

This game seemingly aims to dethrone Black Desert Mobile, as it is a serious pretender to the throne of MMORPG for mobile. Along the lines of games like Dragon Raja, Blade & Soul Revolution (upcoming as well), and others, V4 will try and captivate the fans of the genre with its own allure. This will be done with 6 primary classes, that will be available from the launch, and those are Knight, Enchantress, Slayer, Warlord, Boomblade and Gunslinger.

It seems that this game will also do a peculiar role assignment, without the traditional heal/support/dmg/ and tank separation, as Black Desert Mobile did. Without knowing too much about the classes in general, since all info so far available is in Chinese, it seems that all 6 of these will be heavily hybrid oriented. This means they can take up more than one role in the game, and probably will have to.

Also, people who played the game spoke about their experience and stated that it features an incredibly intricate camera system, which adds to the whole real-time experience greatly. Trading, PvP, PvE, and other hallmarks of any good MMORPG are here, and the game’s advanced graphics will also be highly customizable, to better accommodate various Smartphone devices. In fact, recommended devices go from Apple iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 or stronger, meaning it will need at least 4GB of RAM and a strong GPU like Mali-T880, and that’s just to make it work. To fully enjoy its immersive visuals, you will need something a lot stronger than that.

v4 mobile game

Pre-registration for V4 has begun on June 25th, 2020, and the precise release date for the west is still not pinpointed, but it will probably come within a couple of months. It is coming as a free-to-play title, with its own in-game monetization system which did not bother people who had the chance to try open-beta. It will also be a hefty download for sure, for it currently takes up around 1.80GB of storage space, depending on the version, updates, and the device.

What might really put our mobile devices to the test are massive open-world boss battles, where, as gameplay footage shows, the number of players participating reaches staggering proportions. Pre-registering for V4 will yield a limited edition mount costume Poipong, an online pre-registration gift chest, and a market pre-registration supply chest. The game also features an in-depth and expansive talent tree for characters, with endless customization and progression pathways. In all honesty, this might be the next big thing, right next to the several mentioned titles that are leading the MMORPG mobile crowds.

tales of Crestoria

Two times postponed English-speaking addition to the famous and long-standing Japanese video game series Tales is now definitely on its way…

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Tales of Crestoria release date finally approaches the western market, after we waited for a full year behind schedule. Yes, the critically acclaimed Japanese RPG franchise was announced to come to our part of the world by 2019, while the series itself is over 24 years old now. Despite the long history, the game was announced as a brand-new story in the Tales series and its creators, Bandai Namco, first announced it in 2018, with a one year window for release that failed. Now, the end of our suffering is approaching its end, hopefully, as the game’s official launch is scheduled to happen sometime within 2020, although still unknown when exactly.

What will the new game be like?

Tales of Crestoria for the western market was announced in 2018, and this upcoming mobile game is a part of the Tales series. Tales is a Japanese franchise of RPGs, initially made by Namco and now by Bandai Namco Games. Famous titles from this series are Tales of Phantasia from the ‘90s, Tales of Innocence, and many more. This title, however, will have ‘crime’ at the center of the narrative, according to what we know so far. It follows a young man with a burden on his shoulders, along with characters close to him. They all have a crime each of which is a burden. It is going to be a story-driven experience with a poetic catharsis.

The game was initially announced for mobiles, both iOS, and Android, and it was supposed to arrive in 2019 as mentioned. The developers later prolonged this to 2020 and they also scheduled an open beta, which was held on time, in May 2020. Needless to say, it went great and everyone was pleased with what they saw so far. What is known is that the game will start with 6 playable characters from the start, each with their sin. However, since this was announced as a new game and each title in the Tales series is its independent storyline anyway, we can’t say what or when it takes place. However, we do know that we will have a Linear Motion Battle System in place, anime-style visuals, and a diversified gameplay pallet.

Gameplay will follow the classic Turn-based RPG control scheme, like so many good anime-style JRPGs, go for. It will have the hero collector appeal, but there will be a lot fewer characters than mobile gamers are used to in this kind of genre mix and each character will have a much greater impact on the game and the story.

tales of crestoria coming soon 2

Postponed a second time? Come on…

After its initial launch got postponed in 2019, Tales of Crestoria release date for English speaking areas was scheduled for this June, in 2020, but was once again the game was delayed indefinitely and set for a TBA status. Bandai Namco said that the reason was it is going through some “final adjustments”, but we can’t help thinking COVID-19 pandemic also had something to do with it. And, it is okay, just as long as the game rocks and comes out soon…ish. The developers last updated us in April, when they released the final trailer for the game that featured a theme song from a Japanese band called Gesu no Kiwami Otome, while online sources now only speculate about the launch window. We sure hope it comes fast!

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift coming to mobiles after the pandemic ran its course. We have to wait only a little bit longer though…

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League of Legends: Wild Rift pre-register has been open for a better part of the year and, frankly, the fans are starting to wonder about this title. The game has sparked quite an interest throughout the community and wider even ever since its announcement and fingers are tapping in anticipation. While the title is still expected to drop in 2020, unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the production was slowed down like so many other projects all over the world. Well, at least it was not halted and the release date is still due in 2020! We’ve checked to see how things are going so far and here is the latest…

Still, expected for 2020?

Riot Games, owned by Tencent, revealed about a year ago that they have a plan to introduce many new games in the coming year as well as to transition on other platforms. Thus, they are bringing LoL to mobile phones and consoles, and the year 2020 was supposed to be their year of change. Also, other games of other genres will be included, but only some details about this particular upcoming project have been made known to the public. League of Legends: Wild Rift for Android and iOS (and consoles) was promised to arrive in 2020, about a year from the first announcement in October 2019. In fact, at the time of the reveal, it turned out the project was in the making for quite some time now.

The game was being completely rebuilt “from scratch” as they said, not taking anything from the original League of Legends PC version, in terms of assets and stuff. Of course, the game is still bringing the same characters presumably, with perhaps some changes, and of course, it is still going to be in the same MOBA genre, without which this would be an entirely different story. And, yes, the League of Legends: Wild Rift release date is still set for 2020, with the exact date TBA. If it hasn’t changed by now, after the pandemic has done most of its damage already, it is safe to assume it won’t change at all.

League of Legends Wild Rift coming soon

Wait, what are they changing again?

Well, Riot did say it is an “upcoming multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) for mobiles”, meaning it is the same game. It will only be naturally adapted for faster gameplay, which is mandatory for mobile gaming. Like Tencent’s Arena of Valor, which helped set the standards for mobile MOBAs, the gameplay needs to be snappy, fast, smooth, easily accessible via mobile controls, but also more advanced because the genre needs to be pushed forward if it’s to make use of the mobile market. Similarly, bringing LoL on consoles will require a complete revamp of the controls and mechanics, but also visuals and other system-related tweaks. Wild Rift will bring 40 familiar characters from the existing champion roster at the start, with more to come later. Other details are still kept tightly hidden but it seems that the game is not that far away.


The obvious thing changing when you port a PC title to mobiles and consoles is the control scheme. Well, recently, RIOT revealed how they plan to tackle this problem and that is to switch to a dual joystick system. This makes some of the abilities and functionality we’ve had on the PC version of LOL hard to imagine, but the developing team says they are focusing on this part very much and that this might change how some abilities work. For instance, some double-click abilities would be changed to be an aimed skill-shot now, like Miss Fortune’s Double Tap.

League of Legends Wild Rift coming soon

Suing Mobile Legends

If you haven’t played Mobile Legends, then at least someone invited you to play this “mobile game that is exactly like LoL, just on mobiles” Well, it appears that the Shangai No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court in China also agrees that it is the same as LoL and in a lawsuit Tencent and RIOT filed against Moonton, they won. The judge has awarded a $2.9M lawsuit in favor of Tencent Holdings and Moonton has paid up. The same lawsuit was attempted earlier in California, by RIOT, but was ruled out.


They did say 12 months or so, in October 2019, so their original time frame is still not up. And, even if it was we have tiny microscopic organisms to thank for. However, the announced open beta is already late, as it was originally expected for early 2020. This doesn’t have to mean that League of Legends: Wild Rift release date is also going to be a few months late, but it can’t hurt to be prepared to wait a little longer. The important thing to note is that the game is being built in the same engine, by the same people, and for the same audiences, although it is expected to reach wider groups this time.

eve echoes

Official launch finally slated for this summer. EVE Echoes is launching to both Android and iOS this August, confirmed by the developer team!

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EVE Echoes open Beta began this last December 2019, as the first EVE Online franchise that is finally coming to mobile devices. So far, it has achieved very positive feedback and reviews and we were all eagerly waiting for the official launch. Well, it is not finally confirmed. After being vaguely slated for the Spring of 2020, EVE Echoes mobile game officially launches in the Summer of 2020, August to be exact. The word comes from the presentation held by NetEase and helmed by their Senior Producer Wei Su.

Eve Echoes launches this August on both Android and iOS. It is a joint venture by EVE Online’s CCP Games and NetEase from China, as the game brings the authentic EVE Online experience to mobiles, with a few adaptations made of course. The developers promised long ago that they are bringing the experience untainted or reduced for mobile gaming. This is very important to many fans as the game is no less than a revolutionary step in mobile gaming, adapted from the cult-favorite PC game.

EVE Online is primarily famous and praised for its community and the fact that that community is included in the very game development closely. This is important because the community feedback for this mobile version of the game has been quite positive, the fans are satisfied as well as newcomers to the franchise, so it is everything they promised. The open beta showed that the deeply immersive Sci-fi sandbox massively multiplayer online game can be very well presented on a mobile platform, with its full experience.

It took quite a while for the critically acclaimed space-based MMORPG to get ported to mobiles, but it is finally releasing worldwide this summer. Once again, EVE Echoes release date is set for August 2020, while we do not know if the current progress players made within the beta phase will stay (probably not). Also, developers will prepare multiple servers and 8000+ planets, slightly less than the PC version. However, it will bring over 100 ship types and an incredibly large content, perhaps never-before-seen in mobile gaming.

Rise: Shooter Arena

It is being brought to us by a veteran company and it certainly looks impressive at first glance, in what little gameplay footage there is…

Google Play

Action FPS games keep evolving further and pushing the envelope, and Rise: Shooter Arena is the next step in the Android action first-person shooting genre. It is being brought to us by a veteran company and it certainly looks impressive at first glance, in what little gameplay footage there is. This title’s release date is not exactly pinpointed, but it is going to be soon, probably in a month or two, while you can pre-register on Google Play now if you like what you see.

The game will be offered by Fun Games For Free company which is as said veterans with many titles already on the market. Some of their acclaimed gaming apps include Sniper 3D: Fun Offline Gun Shooting Games Free, War Machines: Tank Battle, Flight Pilot Simulator 3D, War Heroes: Strategy Card Game for Free, Castle Crush: Epic Battle, and many more. They certainly lean towards the war games and simulations, so they do have extended experience in this area, so that is why we believe they will do us justice with Rise: Shooter Arena Android game.

Rise: Shooter Arena

At first glance, the game looks like a mix of Guns of Boom and Fortnite (but its FPS). It uses realistic mechanics mostly, so no building stairs or things like that. The control scheme seems a bit improved for the genre overall, with shooting being done automatically when you are targeting an enemy, but there could be an option to tap to fire. Rise: Shooter Arena gameplay footage shows the usual types of weapons, snipers, auto rifles, semi-auto rifles, various guns, and other things. There are, of course, healing packs, grenades, armor, and more.

As mentioned, Rise: Shooter Arena release date is still not set, but the game is in its pre-register stage a final stage of development, so it will undoubtedly be pretty soon. The game also features in-game currencies, unlockable weapons, boosts, and lots of stuff to upgrade and gain, so its best to get an early start and play it as soon as it comes out. If you want to be notified, pre-register for Rise: Shooter Arena Android on Google Play.

Frontier Justice – Return to the Wild West

Pre-registered users will get a $100 worth in-game currencies, courtesy of ONEMT, the game’s developer and publisher, from China.

Google Play

Get ready to bring justice by the gun in the upcoming Frontier Justice – Return to the Wild West mobile game. As the title says, it’s time to go back to the 19th century, after the Civil War when things were getting on. There were a lot of unclaimed territories, lots of resources in the decimated land, no law in sight, and a lot of trigger-happy people with guns and no better things to do. We will take the side of the law in this one as this game brings an exciting story, cool diversified gameplay, and atmosphere that is obvious from the trailers.

Listed in the strategy genre, Frontier Justice – Return to the Wild West will bring an interesting fusion of gameplay mechanics. The story is, as mentioned, set after the civil war ended, in 1870. The new kind of war, however, has started. Money, women, and whiskey were everywhere, in this now new land of America where the only law was – kill or be killed. The players assume the role of a bounty hunter, male or female, and the tutorial mission takes us to a town where the mayor was kidnapped.

Not to spoil anything, but after we get things back in order, the town asks us to become the new sheriff and stay for some time and this is the point where the strategy begins. The city functions as a dwelling, as you evolve it, go on missions, gather resources, build up defenses, and other fancy things. The best thing about Frontier Justice – Return to the Wild West upcoming mobile game is the mentioned diversified gameplay.

It won’t just bring standard strategy den evolution gameplay, as there will be many new and interesting features and mechanics. Firstly, the game brings several different modes to explore, like the Duel Mode, Hunting Mode, Bounty Missions, Construction, purchasing weapons at the Gunsmith, and lots more. Also, we will get the chance to participate in the inevitable Games of Chance, Horse Raising, Unlocking weapons and upgrades, and forming alliances.

Frontier Justice Return to the Wild West

Pre-registration for Frontier Justice – Return to the Wild West is now open and the game arrives to both Android and iOS. Pre-registered users will get a $100 worth in-game currencies and rewards, courtesy of ONEMT, the game’s developer and publisher, from China. They are formed since 2015 and have several mobile gaming titles out on the market, mostly Eastern oriented. This appears to be the studio’s first jab at the western market, thus it looks like an ambitious ploy. Frontier Justice mobile game launches soon, as the exact release date is undisclosed, but this passion project certainly has our attention.


With over 2 million pre-registrations, Square Enix is now celebrating the launch with planned events and bonus content…

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SINoALICE is coming to the western market on July 1st, 2020. Square Enix promised a worldwide release in July, which is almost 3 full years after the game came out in Japan originally. Well, it’s about time if you ask us. They are promising that the game will be up to date to the fullest, with all updates and additions made over the last 3 years. And, now, Square Enix is also celebrating over 2 million pre-registrations for this title and are celebrating with a pre-release announcement.

SINoALICE is a fantasy anime-style RPG that is coming to both iOS and Android Smartphones. The game comes from the mind of non-other than Yoko Tako, who is a renowned video game director and writer known for Nier series, Drakengard, and others. He is the president and CEO of Bukkoro and for this game they also employed Keiichi Okabe, Keigo Hoashi, and Shotaro Seo, renowned composers, to produce a great and original soundtrack. It is for these reasons and more that this game enjoys such high praise and critical success in the Asian market.

The overall art style and atmosphere of SINoALICE are obvious and unprecedented, even if you don’t understand the lore or the story, which is why there is such high interest in the game. It is an epic fantasy story. It centers on a very peculiar library, which stores all stories about everything and everyone in the world. The main characters, the girls, have a mission to complete the stories and they delve into various epic adventures along the way. However, as the game unfolds, there is a hint of an ultimate enemy and a Crossover Tale.

What this does is that it opens up endless possibilities for different and interesting gameplay scenarios. For instance, The Weapon Tale tells the story of over 150 weapons, or The Class Tale, which is a story that changes based on our class choosing and gives us a glimpse into the minds of the characters themselves. These kinds of narratives and more are coming in a real-time environment gameplay, with turn-based battles, Guild Battles for up to 15 vs 15 players, Co-Op multiplayer, and more. Of course, it is the single-player campaign that will prove the most engaging, while multiplayer is the destination for end game content.

sinoalice mobile game

The celebration due to SINoALICE surpassing over 2 million pre-registrations has been announced a few days ago by Square Enix and it includes events, planned to hit right after the release on July 1st, 2020. The first is NieR: Automata, which hits July 16 and lasts until August 6, 2020, and the other is NieR RepliCant, which starts August 6 and lasts until August 20, 2020. These events will bring iconic 2B and 9S heroes to the fold and a new scenario, added to the game’s already extensive content, again incepted by Yoko Taro. SINoALICE release date is on July 1st, so strap on and enjoy the fun everyone!