New Update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is here and it broke the Nintendo Switch Eshop


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ver. 3.0 was released on April 17th, 2019 and immediately after the Nintendo Switch Eshop experienced difficulties. This Joker, the Challenger Pack 1 and Smash Ver 3.0 were revealed just yesterday, one day prior to release, and it set the internet on fire. The new content announced seems to be well worth it, but most of the players are still waiting on theirs.

Smash is looking cool!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 3.0 and Joker, the Challenger Pack 1 update brings tons of new stuff. Firstly, the new character, the Joker, joins the battle with a remarkably wide skill set. It appears the Joker focuses on mobility, damage over time, and is versatile in both ranged and melee combat. However, this only goes for his neutral stance, as he has the following:

Gun – Fires single or repeated shots by holding or tapping the fire button. Shooting allows you to dodge forward, backward, or even in mid-air.

Grappling Hook – It can be aimed at various angles, like upwards, diagonally, or parallel to the ground. It can be used to pull the Joker to the desired direction or to pull opponents back to him. He can latch on to ledges as well, which increases the skill cap on his ability usage indefinitely.

EIHA – With a cool finger snap, the Joker fires his dark energy EIHA. It deals small amounts of damage at first but deals damage over time equal to 1.2% of the target’s HP.

Rebel’s Guard – The Final Form! The Joker’s rebellion Gauge is filled up by taking damage or using Rebel’s Guard to reduce the incoming damage by -50%. This can even defend him from combo attacks. Once the Rebellion Gauge is filled up, the Joker can summon a manifestation of his own twisted personality – Arsen

ARSEN – the Joker’s personality manifested in the form of an entity will stay with him until his Rebellion Gauge runs out and it will aid him with everything he does while being completely un-targetable. It will deal additional damage with every Joker’s attack and upgrade all his standard abilities to the following:

Gun Special – In addition to what the gun did before, it now fires 3 bullets per shot.

Wings of Rebellion – Instead of the grappling hook, ARSEN uses his wings to lift the Joker upwards quickly and avoid any damage, making him invincible for a short duration.

Eigaon – It now repeatedly hits opponents, increasing the initial damage and the DOT left behind on the target, which also lasts longer.

Tetrakarn & Makarakarn – Instead of the usual Rebel’s Guard, now ARSEN aids the Joker to automatically deflect an incoming melee or ranged attack, respectively. Also, the counter-attack is triggered automatically and it will even return projectiles to enemies.

All-Out Attack – The Joker’s Final Smash. He will launch a coordinated attack with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and deal increased initial and damage over time. In case you miss the first shot at it, you can try once more by tilting the control sticks back to the other direction. ARSEN doesn’t affect this Final Smash ability though.

super smash bros ultimate

New Stage:


This new stage is a mysterious underground with unforeseen twists of the scenery. Sometimes the environment will appear to favor you, sometimes it will be against you. This is the Joker’s stage, so every so often the Phantom Thieves of Hearts will appear.

Also, new music tracks from Persona 3, 4, and 5 will be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and it will change the color of the MEMENTOS stage background. The new Challenger Pack 1: Joker is available for $5.99 but as of yet, the Shop is not responding well. It will undoubtedly be fixed in a couple of hours.