Super Mecha Champions

New update is out for Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champions update is now live and it introduces several cool new features, like the Weapon Class, Multiplayer mode upgrades, and of course new Mecha! Coming to you through a special in-game event that commemorates the new Hurricane Mecha, NetEase has used the opportunity to bring many other new features and stuff. The event has already begun and it will last through September 18, so get your groove on!

New content for the anime-inspired battle royale mobile game includes Hurricane, the cool new character, Mecha, a new Pulse Rifle weapon, and Team Deathmatch mode improvements, among other things. The list of main features for the update is as follows:

New Playable Character and Mecha: Hurricane and his drill Sergeant Veta are now available. Hurricane is a powerful new character with the ability to transform into an aircraft. He is heavily armored and uses his set of guns and missiles to tactically pick off opponents from the air, as the trailer shows.

New Weapon Class: The new Pulse Rifle weapon is a stable, electromagnetic, three-round per burst shooter and it is not available in Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, and Battle Frenzy modes.

Super Mecha Champions

Team Deathmatch Improvements: As of now, Team Deathmatch is held 5vs5, and the first team with 50 pts wins. The base shield value has been reduced and breaking a player’s shield won’t score you points anymore. Shield regeneration timer stays as 20sec and there are two new spawn points added in Alpha Tower and Port. Respawn invincibility stays at 8sec, and Base to Base is the new option available, which has a 90 second CD and adds 1 point to the enemy.

The new narrative trailer for Super Mecha Champions mobile shows how much NetEase worked on improving the multiplayer action in all of the mods and with the addition of Hurricane, the game again gains momentum. NetEase stays one of the leading online multiplayer game content developers and retains its reputation for balance and playability created in a multiplayer environment. This title proves it further, as the game is quite popular on iTunes App Store (3.9-star score) and even more on Google Play (4.4-star score from around 55k votes).