Saving Battery Life

Night mode – saving your phone battery life by a high margin

We all know that there are certain circumstances when you simply must have your smartphone available at all costs. Unfortunately, as Murphy’s Law decrees, these are the exact situations when your phone will spitefully decide to go off for the lack of battery power, causing you not a little amount of frustration and even potentially some greater problems. Just remember that all-important business calls you had to make or that time when you were stuck in the middle of nowhere with your tire flat with your phone blissfully shutting down.

Night mode Save Your Battery

Admittedly, there are many methods you can use to extend the battery life of your phone with varying success. However, here’s one that you’ve probably never related to energy saving efficiency and reducing the battery drain of your phone – night (or dark) mode.  Most of us had thought that night mode is just a handy gimmick designed to reduce the brightness of your display and consequently the stress it exerts on your eyes. On Android Developer Summit which was held last Friday, guys from Google had shared a truly fascinating revelation which amounts to this conclusion: night mode can be a vital asset in saving the energy usage.

Of course, we’re all mostly aware that generally speaking, battery energy expenditure increases with the maximum brightness settings, but for the first time, someone had taken the trouble to face us with the hard facts. According to the statistics provided by Google, the night mode can reduce the battery drain up to 63%, which is truly considerable. However, here’s the catch: night mode will have a significant impact only on devices with OLED displays, but not on those based on LCD technology. For the purposes of the demonstration, Google had compared results made on two phones: Google Pixel (with AMOLED screen) and iPhone 7 (LCD screen). Both were tested at the max brightness level, with night mode turned off and on. Interestingly enough, iPhone 7 had pretty much the same results with both settings, but Google Pixel had shown a significant drop in energy expenditure with the night mode on.

Night mode saving your phone battery life

Another interesting information shared on Android Developer Summit was that the energy usage of smartphones is also related to various types of colors. As you can guess, black uses the smallest amount of energy, with red and green as also pretty much energy-friendly. However, on the other side of the spectrum, white is the color which drains the greatest amount of energy and drastically reduces the battery life, closely followed by blue. To conclude, if you want to make a difference and decrease the drastic energy usage, relieving the stress on your battery, you can do a couple of things. You can experiment with the color balance, reducing white and blue tones in favor of other colors, although that would have a negative impact on the quality of the display. The other and more convenient method is to simply turn on the night mode, which should considerably reduce the battery usage, provided, of course, that you have an OLED based display.