Ninja hits 1M subs on Mixer

Ninja already got 1 million subscribers on Mixer

Ninja, everyone’s favorite streamer, recently left Twitch to start over on Microsoft’s Mixer streaming platform. He left on good terms and with a bang, or rather with a cool, funny goodbye video. While Ninja had the biggest ever following on Twitch, the departure was naturally big news, as he left a 14.7 million Twitch follower base. However, don’t worry too much about our boy…

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Within the first 24 hours after Ninja’s vanishing act and opening an account on Mixer, he got 100,000 subscribers. 50 to 60 thousand people were joining in by the hour. Even his first stream, just moments after opening the channel, featured around 76 thousand pairs of eyes and it grew by quickly. This morning, Ninja woke up from his meditation to 1 million cool subscribers, just four days into his new project. He immediately Tweeted a big thank you for his fans to mark the milestone, saying: “Thank you for all the incredible support. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.”

Ninja’s switch to the new channel came soon after Microsoft laid off some of its producers and creators who worked on Inside Xbox and Mixer, according to online sources. Ninja stated that nothing is changing in his method and presentation, and that things will be the same now on Mixer as they were on Twitch. Ninja said it himself that: “It’s the same me, just a different platform. I plan to get back in touch with my roots”

Microsoft snatching Ninja is speculated to be a publicity stunt, but Ninja leaving Twitch reportedly left a lot of room for other smaller streamers to come up, while he switched to Mixer where he can have his own playground, sort to say. Twitch was accounting for over 70% of all internet streams before his departure, while Microsoft’s Mixer was at around 3%, but Ninja definitely changed things now. We wish him good fortune in the gaming to come!