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Nintendo is asking what game are you expecting the most from in 2019 – Tell them

Generally, it’s always a good thing to keep in close touch with your audience in order to make sure that you’re on the same page with their needs, tastes, and desires. That especially goes for game developers, video game companies and all other components of the gaming industry. And if that company is Nintendo – well, then you can expect that they’ll always be one step ahead of their competition. As you certainly know, Nintendo has a really great year behind them and they want to make sure that 2019 will be at least the same – preferably even better. That positive experience is largely due to the success of their phenomenal Nintendo Switch gaming console which made a real breakthrough last year and which is constantly being updated with new exciting titles.

Future Nintendo Switch Games

Obviously, Nintendo is doing its best to keep their fans posted about everything concerning their publishing program and all fresh titles that are coming our way. If you’re interested to learn all the latest info about Nintendo’s games, Nintendo UK YouTube channel is a great way to start. However, this time Nintendo has decided to take an even more direct approach. To that purpose, they’ve posted a game-changing tweet via their Nintendo of America Twitter page were they directly asked fans about their upcoming Nintendo Switch titles they’re looking forward the most.

See for yourself what guys from Nintendo have to say:

”Which #NintendoSwitch games are you most looking forward to this year, and why? Let us know in the replies and we might include your response in the first #NintendoPower Podcast episode of 2019!“

As you’ might’ve noticed, the most interesting answers will be featured in their Nintendo Power Podcast, so if you have a burning desire to see a specific title, be sure to give them your piece of mind. It’s obvious that even in this very early stage of 2019, with the first quarter barely started, Nintendo is gathering invaluable info that will determine the course of their upcoming publishing program. That’s why you should really heed their summons and have your voice heard. And make it a good one because with a company like Nintendo you never know – perhaps items from your very own wishlist may have some influence on Nintendo’s itinerary.