Nintendo Switch April Upcoming

Nintendo Switch games coming this April (2019)

Nintendo Direct was such a successful move only in part because the Nintendo Switch platform has such a huge audience and a faithful following. The other, possibly even bigger part of the equation is the fact that Nintendo kept its word down to the letter in the past year or so. Everything said and announced in Nintendo Direct 2019’s campaign has come true and naturally, the fans are already considering turning it on instead of the TV news.

Nintendo Switch also continues to enrich its offer with games of various genres, new and old school, with these titles almost upon us:

  1. Shovel Knight: Showdown – Release date April 9th

This will be the newest addition to our beloved Treasure Hunting platform adventure, which will bring new multiplayer content and modes. Besides new ways to spend quality time online, players will surely delight in the fact that the whole Order of No Quarter will now be available. What’s even more fortunate is that Shovel Knight: Showdown will come free of charge on all of its respective platforms (except Vita and 3DS), so all you need it the original Treasure Trove and you are ready to go.

  1. Mortal Kombat 11 – Release date April 23rd

The long awaited and announced eleventh installation in possibly the most famous franchise in video gaming history will come to Switch in this month’s second half. It will undoubtedly capitalize on Switch’s multiplayer convenient compatibility and its sheer power to deliver demanding content on a portable device.

  1. Days Gone – Release Date April 26th

The anticipation for this title is got fans biting through their fingernails and contemplating eating brains probably, as the post-apocalyptic zombie fighting game Days Gone is coming will now be included in Nintendo Switch games. This title is expected to achieve great critical and commercial success, so pairing it with Switch was a natural choice.

  1. Cuphead – Release Date April 18th

The critically acclaimed, notoriously difficult, and ingeniously fun platformer Cuphead will come to Nintendo Switch in a few weeks. Players will be able to finally enjoy the single player adventure while other versions and mods are promised along the way.