Nintendo Trying to Contain Major Leak

Nintendo Trying to Contain Major Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Leak

This is quite a troubling time to be in Nintendo’s shoes. Just weeks before the official release, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game has leaked online which only added to the problem with piracy the company already had. This happened days after Nintendo released their lengthy overview trailer announcing a lot of interesting things that players can look forward to in this title.

It is two weeks until the official release of the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the game that combines all 74 characters of the previous titles in this series into one place. But now, Nintendo is trying to shut down all the places the information about the new game seems to be leaking from. And the leak is not a small or insignificant one. Everything is out, from cutscenes to hidden content, as well as the game’s soundtrack.

Since Wednesday, many online reports showed that the game is actually pirated and sold at some Mexican retailers, too. This, of course, helped the game to get into the hands of the darker side of the internet and soon enough streams of demonstrations full with spoilers showed up on Twitch and YouTube. Nintendo is currently working on taking these down, however, they may not be able to remove them all and archived versions remain available and easy to find. Pirated version of the game is also traded online and some reports say that there are versions that crashed Switch systems.

Major Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Leak

On the other hand, data-miners have been working on extracting hidden content from the game which includes stage names and hundreds of spirits. This revealed a lot of spoilers and potentially ruined the fun of the game for many players who are waiting for the official release.

Nintendo is yet to issue an official statement on the matter, but for now, they seem to be issuing copyright complaints against YouTubers for leaking songs and videos from the game. When it comes to Switch games, this is the biggest leak so far and it is yet to be seen how it will affect the sales of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The fact that games usually leak a couple of days before their official release is something developers expect, but when it happens weeks before, it warrants a certain amount of worry.

Nintendo is famous for aggressive standpoint regarding piracy which they state very clearly on their website and the actions they take. Just remember the $12 million fine that owners of two websites had to pay for copyright infringement just a couple of weeks ago. Therefore, without a doubt that Nintendo will look for the guilty parties to set an example here as well, especially since this was one of the major leaks which will cost them time and money even before the release.